Front Office Directory


CEO, Ilitch Companies - Chairman and CEO, Detroit Tigers - Christopher Ilitch

Business Operations Leadership

President and CEO, Ilitch Sports + Entertainment - Ryan Gustafson

Chief Commercial Officer - Chris Coffman

Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service - Spencer Ambrosius

Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs - Robert E. Carr

Senior Vice President, Communications and Broadcasting - Ron Colangelo

Senior Vice President, Human Resources - Michele Bartos

Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnerships - Mike Singer

Senior Vice President, Business Operations – Ryan Kane

Senior Vice President, Venue Operations – Tim Padgett

Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Business Strategy & Solutions - Melissa Brennan

Vice President, Lakeland Business Operations - Josh Bullock

Vice President, Venue Security - Mike Hartnett

Vice President, Marketing - Asia Gholston

Vice President, Parking Operations – Mike Harris

Vice President, Finance - Bobby Hoekstra

Vice President, Park Operations - Chris Lawrence

Vice President, Creative – Mario Milošević

Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service - Joe Schiavi

Vice President, Premium Sales - Branden Moran

Vice President, Parking Operations – Mike Harris

Vice President, Game Presentation + Fan Experience – Pete Soto

Vice President, Business Analytics – Taylor Traub

Baseball Operations Leadership

President, Baseball Operations - Scott Harris

General Manager - Jeff Greenberg

Vice President, Assistant General Manager - Sam Menzin, Rob Metzler, Jay Sartori

Vice President, Player Personnel - Scott Bream

Vice President, Player Development - Ryan Garko

Baseball Operations

Director, Baseball Research and Development - Jim Logue

Director, Baseball Systems – Django Radonich-Camp

Director, Minor League Operations - Dan Lunetta

Director, Hitting - Kenny Graham

Director, Pitching - Gabe Ribas

Director, Performance Science - Dr. Georgia Giblin

Director, Amateur Scouting - Mark Conner

Director, Minor League & Scouting Administration - Cheryl Evans

Director, International Operations - Tom Moore

Director, Latin American Operations - Miguel Garcia

Director, Latin American Player Development - Euclides Rojas

Director, Team Travel - Peter Warden

Special Assistants to the General Manager - Kirk Gibson, Willie Horton, Jim Leyland, Lance Parrish, Mike Russell, Alan Trammell

Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting - Eric Nieto

Assistant Director, Player Development - Peter Bransfield

Assistant Director, International Operations- Rafael Gonzalez

Manager, Major League Advance Scouting- Kan Ikeda

Assistant Director, Research and Development – Christian Hook, Aidan Kearns, Danny Vargovick

Assistant Director, Performance Science – Brian Diefenbach

Senior Database Architect - Mike Burger

Senior Database Engineer - Charlie Adams

Full-Stack Software Engineers – Evan Agattas, Ayush Arora, Keith Dailey, Jordan VanderZwaag, Jen Yee

Data Engineer – Kevin Coe, Zach Shirah

Senior Analysts, Baseball Operations - Beau Horan, Gabe Ho, Drew Jordan, Maggie O’Hara, Jonah Simon, Ian Arzt, Max DelBello, Christopher Luke, Tyler Marshall, Walker Reinfeld, Jason Pastoor

Analysts, Baseball Operations - Mark Lin, Ryan Patterson, Zachary Zoloto

Analyst, Performance Science – Becca Davis

Biomechanists, Performance Science – Matt Topley, Emma Miller

Major League Nutrition Coordinator- Maureen Stoecklein

Minor League Nutrition Coordinator- Susana Melendez

Manager, Player Development - David Allende

Coordinators, Player Development - Daniel Crago, Jose Sajour

Coordinator, Baseball Technology – Chase Gibson

Major League Video Operations Coordinator - Austin Tripp

Minor League Video Coordinator - Correy Ericksen

Amateur Scouting Video Coordinator - Greg Bundrage

Assistant Minor League Video Coordinator - Michael Piletich

*Minor League Clubhouse Manager - Patrick Saenz

*Minor League Assistant Clubhouse Manager - Pete Mancuso

Executive Assistant to President, Baseball Operations - Marty Lyon


Controller - Katelyn Haas

Director, Finance - Joseph Meier

Director, Purchasing - McKenzie Reeves

Senior Buyer – Corey Bell

Purchasing Coordinator – Sarah Moss

Accounting Manager & Treasury Analyst - Sheila Robine

Accounting Manager - Mark Renshaw

Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis – Mitch Rademacher

Accounting Analyst – Deanna Dickow

Financial Analyst - Douglas Propson

Accounting Analyst (Lakeland) – Chris Malave

Accounts Receivable Coordinator - Edward Smith

Accounts Payable Coordinator - Camden Sobolewski

Human Resources & Payroll

Director, Human Resources – Kristen Hommes

Director, Talent Acquisition- Rich Balow

Director, Payroll - Charel Hil

Lead Human Resources Business Partner – Kelsey Shuck-Thomas

Human Resources Business Partner - Janet Browne, Kiara Massey, Nicole Nimeth

Lead Corporate Recruiter – Tricia Everett

Corporate Recruiter- Dave Ferguson, Erin Badge, Donald Jefferson, Molly Krolicki

Training Manager- Kate Kleve

Human Resources Coordinator- Hannah Bates, Anna Kinnison

Recruiting Coordinator- Jessica Kuznia

Executive Administrative Assistant- Amy Wilson

Manager, Payroll - Mark Cebelak

Payroll Partner- Sherry Haner


Legal Administrator- Kelly Barbieri


Director, Marketing - Taylor Olson

Director, Social Media - Emma Nye

Director, Video Content Production - Robert Gehring

Director, Fan Development - Adam Banchiu

Manager, Authentics - Brendan Sanders

Manager, Marketing - Casey Sawyer

Manager, Social Media – Wael Ankouni

Manager, Social Media Content - Haley Graves

Content Producer, Social Media - Micaela Donnelly

Coordinator, Authentics - Jesse Pappas

Coordinator, Marketing - Elizabeth Kaiser

Game Presentation + Fan Experience

Director, Game Presentation & Fan Experience - Alex Lovachis

Manager, Game Presentation – Travis Childress

Manager, Promotions and Special Events - Evan Novak

Coordinator, Game Presentation – Kenzie Cassar

Coordinator, Promotions and Special Events - Cassidy Tear

Creative Services

Art Director – Martin Keegan

Sr. Graphic Designer – Dan Marceau

Graphic Designer – Allison Perreault, Andrew Taylor

Manager, Video Content Production – Cody McKittrick

Producer/Editors - Andrew Dupont, Andrew Smilnak, Nick Austin

Manager, Production and Operation – Caroline Bock

Motion Graphics Artists – Baxter Trapp, Alex Beaupre

Lead Photographer – Allison Farrand

Coordinator, Production Project – Isabelle Ansara

Community Impact

Director, Community Impact – Kevin Brown

Director, Fundraising and Development – Shannon Lapsley

Manager, Outreach and Engagement – Jonathon Perry

Manager, Sport Participation and Growth – Matthew Williams

Coordinator, Sport Participation and Growth – Jess Mehr

Coordinator, Outreach and Engagement – Tim Sullivan

Coordinator, Fundraising and Development – Meredith Tomich


Director, Communications and Broadcasting – Ben Fidelman

Director, Media Relations – Chad Crunk

Director, Family & Team Engagement - Ashley Robinson

Director, Player & Alumni Relations - Jordan Field

Broadcast Reporter – Daniella Bruce

Manager, Communications & Broadcasting – Lydia Cruz

Manager, Spanish Communications and Broadcasting - Carlos Guillen

Coordinator, Media Relations – Lexi Castrillon

Coordinator, Player & Family Engagement – Sydni Rivers

Television Play-by-Play – Jason Benetti

Radio Play-by-Play – Dan Dickerson

A/V Systems + Broadcasting

Operational Director, A/V Systems and Broadcasting – Stan Fracker

Chief Broadcasting Engineer – Eric Angott

Lead Audio Engineer – Brad McGee

Audio AV Technician – Christine Ramsey

Video Production Engineer- Brenton Moyer

Broadcast Operations Manager – Kevin Lukas

Broadcast Operations Coordinator – Shelbey Mullen

IPTV Producer Content Manager – Brian Woodworth

Coordinator, IPTV Content – Hannah Nutting

Corporate Partnerships

Director, Corporate Partnership Activation - Tiffany Harrington, Zach Carter

Director, Solutions & Strategy – Max Klepper

Director, Corporate Partnerships Sales – Crissy Obermok, Donovan Powell, John Wolski

Activation Manager, Corporate Partnerships - Ian Fontenot, Michael Holley, Riley McCord, Cullen Munz,

Agency Activation Manager, Corporate Partnerships - Bean O’Malley

Radio Sales Manager, Corporate Partnerships - Christine Galasso

Solutions Manager, Corporate Partnerships - Madison Nachtrab, Natalie LaCroix, Jacob Pnakovich

Sales Manager, Corporate Partnerships - Cameron Close, Megan Garlow, Matt Gay, Stephen Girard

Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships - Kirtana Bhat

Sponsorship Events Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships - Dru Milton

Park Operations

Director, Event Operations - Mike Bauer

Director, Facilities - Shaun O'Brien

Head Groundskeeper - Heather Nabozny

Assistant Groundskeeper - Kyle Pickens

Manager, Event Operations - Caitlin Kelly

Manager, Guest Experience - Alex Santisteban

Manager, Event Services – Dana Moore

Engineering Services Manager – Richard Klemm

Managers, Operations - Steve Burrows, Mike Kiefer, Jeffrey Herman

Coordinator, Event Housekeeping - Justin Alkass

Administrative Coordinator - Kristie Stevenson

Park Operations Assistant - Juan Nieves

Ballpark Electricians - Donald Brown, Mark Ulmer, Zachary Nesbitt

Housekeeping Supervisors - Norman Chambers, Shunta Goodman


Director, Security – Lori Dillon

Managers, Security – Andy Torok, Jason Urbahns, David Clark

Analyst, Security – Sean Furlong

Comerica Park Security Representative - Rogelio Melendez

Parking Operations

Director, Parking Operations – Shawny DeBerry

Parking Managers – Parking Managers – Ajaron Williams, Ben Rodak, Bambassema Badjo, Joseph Vanheulen

Parking Supervisors – Derek Hannon, Gloria Asher, Jordon Rose, Karel Meyers, Kylynn Willis

Ticket Sales

Director, Ticket Sales and Service Operations - Liz Karolak

Manager, Group Sales - Aaron Ryley

Coordinator, Ticket Sales - Bryna Tennille

Coordinator, Group Sales - Tiffany Davis

Coordinator, Premium Sales - Xia Cargill

Manager, Inside Sales - Brooklyn Baldridge, Aaron Ryley

New Business

Senior Director, Ticket Sales - Allen Jabero

Membership Development Account Executives - Tavian Gaddy, Don Robinson, Maguire Sharpe, Joely Stevens, DeMario Thomas, Kayla Leach-Zonts,

Membership Services

Senior Director, Membership Services - Brian Jemison

Manager, Membership Services - Betsy Bouillon

Senior Membership Services Account Executive - Jonah Hirsch,

Membership Services Account Executives - Thomas Hager, Blake Schalm, Hannah Sickmiller, Maggie Mullen, Noah Suitt

Account Executive, Premium Service – Jason Service, Sarah Prybys

Premium Sales

Director, Private Events – Emily Brandt

Director, Premium Sales – Kevin McConnell

Account Executives, Private Events – Aliyah Bushinski, Kristen Porchia, Tell Sutton

Senior Premium Sales Account Executives – Andrew Fadell, John Kissel

Premium Sales Account Executives – Alec Johnson, Charles Swanson, Dominic Teoli, Kevin Wilson, Kyle Esty, Shawn Johnson,

Group Sales

Senior Account Executive – Nick McClure

Account Executives, Group Sales - Michael Barnett, Jackson Billings, Devin Coll, Walker Cooper, Daniel Drees, Lindsey Ray, Jordan Collins,

Analytics & Customer Relations

Director, Ticketing Support - Jeff Lutz

Business Analytics

Director, Business Analytics – A.J. Dombrowski

Sr Business Analysts – Zac Goldsmith

Business Analyst - Paul Brenkus, Mitchell Burke

Business Analyst – Grant Parr

Director, Data & Analytics – Dwight Eppinger

Analyst, Marketing Analytics- Keely Moy

Database Administrator – Lukas Harkonen

Business Strategist – Megan Riethmiller

Director, CRM – Melissa Murray

CRM Managers – Elise Penhollow, Nick Stoglin, Mitchell Zelenak

Ticket Services

Senior Director, Ticket Services - Grant Anderson

Director, Ticket Services – Adam Klein

Manager, Ticket Services - Andrew Burnham

Ticket Systems Administrator - Jessi McCabe

Box Office Administrators - Scott Calka, Kara Grabowski, Mary Soro, Kyle Kish

Training & Conditioning

Head Athletic Trainer - Ryne Eubanks

Director, Medical Administration & Lakeland Operations- Doug Teter

Assistant Athletic Trainers - Chris McDonald, Kelly Rhoades

Major League Performance Coach – Shane Wallen

Assistant Major League Performance Coach – Drew Heithoff

Major League Physical Therapist- Duncan Evans

Medical Services Coordinator - Gwen Keating

Massage Therapist - Janet Szwaboswki


Manager, Tigers Clubhouse - Dan Ross

Manager, Visiting Clubhouse - Jim Schmakel

Assistant Clubhouse Manager - Mark Cave

Clubhouse Assistant- Kaolayao Pritchet

Medical Staff

Team Physician (Internal) - Michael Workings, M.D.

Team Physician (Orthopedic) - Jon Braman, M.D.

Team Physician (Florida) - Louis Saco, M.D.

Team Ophthalmologist - David A. Gourwitz, O.D.

Lakeland Operations

Director, Business Development - Zach Burek

Director, Business Operations- Shannon Follett

Director, Marketing – Cayla Koslow

Broadcast Engineer – Brandon Walters

Operations & Marketing Manager - Elizabeth Tanski

Corporate Partnerships Manager– Drayton Terry

Group Sales Manager – Kevin Piotrzkowski

Account Executive - Aidan Starr, Gracie Plair

Box Office Manager - Ryan Eason

Ticket Sales & Service Coordinator – Bryce Peterson

Business Operations Coordinator – Janet Suarez

Security Supervisor- Nick McKee