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Ticket Forwarding Guide

Step-By-Step Ticket Forwarding Guide

1. Log into your My A's Tickets account.

2. In the "My Ticket Inventory" tab select "Forward Tickets" in the Ticket Action dropdown.

Accessing Forwarded Tickets

Accessing your Forwarded Tickets is easy!

When tickets are forwarded to you, you will receive an email notifying you that you are the recipient of forwarded tickets. You can access your tickets through My A's Tickets, return you tickets to the sender, or send a thank you message to the sender.

1. Create or Log in to your My A's Tickets account.

2. Once inside your My A's Tickets account, you can view, forward or sell tickets electronically.

Returning Forwarded Tickets

Can't use the tickets you were forwarded? You now have the ability to return any number of the tickets you received back to the sender.

1. From the email you received notifying you that you have been forwarded tickets click the Return Tickets link or from within your My A's Tickets account click "My History", and select the "Forwards" tab.