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A's Ticket Technology

My A's Tickets

With My A's Tickets, you can easily renew, transfer and sell your season and single tickets from a secure and convenient location on Using My A's Tickets you can browse your purchased tickets, forward tickets, recall tickets and view/post tickets for sale via StubHub

Quick Tips & Guide
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer
  • Google Chrome is the preferred internet browser to use
  • Enable Adobe Flashif the Coliseum seat map does not appear after you select the game you are trying to exchange into, you will need to enable Adobe Flash on your browser.
Enable Adobe Flash

We strongly suggest using Google Chrome as your browser of choice. Please watch our tutorial on how to enable Adobe Flash through Google Chrome.

Exchange Tickets - Access Member Benefit Only

Ticket Exchanges are available through your My A's Tickets account.

Here are a few reminders on our ticket exchange policies:

  • Ticket-for-ticket exchange
  • Prices may vary based off the tier level you exchange into
  • Downgrade credit for A's Access members who have paid in full:
    • Parking Passes
    • Purchasing Additional Tickets
    • Upgrading your Tickets
  • Downgrade credit for A's Access members who are on the monthly payment plan will be used to help pay the remaining balance of their plan until paid in full.

* If the seat map is not uploading after the game selection, normally that means you will need to enable Adobe Flash. Please watch our Enable Adobe Flash for Google Chrome tutorial.

Forward Tickets

You can forward tickets through your My A's Tickets account.

When creating a friend contact, please make sure you are inputting the right email address before sending.

If you end up inputting the wrong email address, you can adjust the contact information under the My Account tab:

  1. Go to the Friend List tab
  2. Then remove the account
  3. Click "Add New Friend" to recreate the account with the correct information

If you feel it is necessary to recall the forwarded tickets before the receiver accepts, you can recall tickets under the My History tab:

  1. Go to the Forwards tab
  2. Click on the Forward ID link of the tickets you would like to recall
  3. Select each ticket you would like to recall
  4. Click on the Recall Tickets button
  5. Confirm you would like to recall the tickets by clicking the Recall button.
    • You can choose to send a message to the individual you original sent the tickets to; a message is not required.
10 Game Selection

Picking your games for your 10 Game Plan is available through your My A's Tickets account.

Filter the months dropdown in your My Ticket Inventory to Vouchers 2020 to show all your vouchers.

A few rules to keep in mind:

  • Voucher(s) are redeemable for the Plaza Infield in Section 210,211, 223, & 224.
  • Max of 4 vouchers per game
  • Upgrades are only available through the Ballpark App the day of the game

*Having Adobe Flash issues watch our Adobe Flash tutorial  to help

Parking Passes - Access Member Benefit Only

Parking Passes are available to purchase under the Special Offers tab in your My A's Tickets account.

After purchasing your Parking Pass, you can print the pass under your My Ticket Inventory tab. Filter the Months dropdown to Parking 2019. Please make sure you bring the ticket with the barcode to scan and not the confirmation email.

Linking with

If you have not already done so, your My A's Tickets account will need to be linked with an account.

This gives you the ultimate flexibility to access your tickets on game day. You can link your account through either your My A's Tickets account or through the MLB Ballpark app.

Voucher Redemption

You can redeem vouchers through our webpage. Please watch our video tutorial to learn how to redeem your vouchers.

After inputting your voucher barcode you can choose to redeem them immediately afterwards or choose to redeem them at a later time with the season the voucher is good for.

Special Offers Tab

As an A's Access member, the Special Offers tab is where you can view available benefits such as exclusive member experiences, 25% off individual tickets, discounted pre-paid parking passes, and much more. Check out your Special Offers tab today!

Digital Ticketing

Purchase tickets wirelessly, anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. mobile ticket purchase is compatible with most Internet-enabled mobile devices, and does not require any additional download.