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A's Special Events

In accordance with local and national health and safety guidelines, fans will not be permitted to attend games at the Oakland Coliseum during the 2020 season. The ballpark won’t be the same without our fans -- your cheers, your drumming, your signs. However, we are excited to bring your energy to the games through interactive experiences during our broadcasts.

Want to attend an Oakland A’s Special Event? Make sure you have the SPECIAL TICKET in order to receive the giveaway and participate in any pregame programming.

Do you already have a ticket for one of these games? You can purchase the special ticket item from the MLB Ballpark app on the day of the event*.

If you are an A's Access member you can also purchase the item through your My A's ticket account via the Special Offers tab**.

*Please note, Ballpark app purchase on the day of game is subject to availability and is not guaranteed.
**This will be available closer to the season. Stay tuned for more information.