Oakland A's Community Fund 50/50 Raffle

Fans have the opportunity to win big, all in the name of charity by participating in the 50/50 Raffle. During select home games, fans have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets from the time the gates open until the end of the 7th inning. Half of the pot will go to one lucky fan, with the remaining proceeds benefiting the Oakland A's Community Fund.

2023 Raffle Results

DateWinning TicketWinning AmountPrize Claimed?Total RaisedCharityRaffle Prize
May 28 vs. Astros204634047$3,965Yes$7,930Oakland A's Community Fund$3,965
May 27 vs. Astros1114585023$2,500Yes$5,000Oakland A's Community Fund$2,500
May 26 vs. Astros853784052$3,560.00No$7,120.00Oakland A's Community Fund$3,560.00
May 17 vs. D-backs1158182064$1,860Yes$3,720Oakland A's Community Fund$1,860
May 16 vs. D-backs196389042$1,750Yes$3,500Oakland A's Community Fund$1,750
May 15 vs. D-backs800502053$970Yes$1,940Oakland A's Community Fund$970
May 14 vs. Rangers295840051$3,855.00Yes$7,710.00Oakland A's Community Fund$3,855.00
May 13 vs. Rangers207231064$3,670Yes$7,340Oakland A's Community Fund$3,670
May 12 vs. Rangers242454009$1,455Yes$2,910Oakland A's Community Fund$1,455
May 11 vs. Rangers959676001$1,025Yes$2,050Oakland A's Community Fund$1,025
May 4 vs. Mariners232122010$1,770Yes$3,540Oakland A's Community Fund$1,770
May 3 vs. Mariners965782008$1,025Yes$2,050Oakland A's Community Fund$1,025
May 2 vs. Mariners782324023$715Yes$1,430Oakland A's Community Fund$715
April 30 vs. Reds188792001$4,860Yes$9,720Oakland A's Community Fund$4,860
April 29 vs. Reds702946015$4,540Yes$9,080Oakland A's Community Fund$4,540
April 28 vs. Reds831983067$1,697Yes$3,395Oakland A's Community Fund$1,697
April 19 vs. Cubs838226021$2,225Yes$4,450Oakland A's Community Fund$2,225
April 18 vs. Cubs672872042$2,055Yes$4,110Oakland A's Community Fund$2,055
April 17 vs. Cubs879352010$2,220Yes$4,440Oakland A's Community Fund$2,220
April 16 vs. Mets181031051$7,785Yes$15,570Oakland A's Community Fund$7,785
April 15 vs. Mets594887006$4,464No$8,930Oakland A's Community Fund$4,465
April 14 vs. Mets424159038$3,970Yes$7,940Oakland A's Community Fund$3,970
April 5 vs. Guardians421191041$1,540Yes$3,080Oakland A's Community Fund$1,540
April 4 vs. Guardians264910069$1,215Yes$2,430Oakland A's Community Fund$1,215
April 3 vs. Guardians377133020$1,035Yes$2,070Oakland A's Community Fund$1,035
April 2 vs. Angels367450062$4,640Yes$9,280Oakland A's Community Fund$4,640
April 1 vs. Angels882575001$5,460Yes$10,920Oakland A's Community Fund$5,460
March 30 vs. Angels730115019$9,035Yes$18,070Oakland A's Community Fund$9,035
March 26 vs. Giants259753010$5,332.50Yes$10,665Oakland A's Community Fund$5,332.50