Black Lives Matter

This February, the A's join the celebration of Black History Month to honor the accomplishments of African-Americans throughout history.

Organization Logos

A's in the Community

Community Donations

Our organization will send donations to Marcus Books, Cypress Mandela, Black Joy Parade and Eat. Learn. Play. to support our local Black-owned businesses and organizations.

Marcus Books

Marcus Books is the nation's oldest Black-owned independent bookstore located in Oakland.

Cypress Mandela Training Center

Cypress Mandela Training Center is a community based organization dedicated to improving lives of the people it serves by providing pre-apprentice construction and life skills training along with employment assistance.

Eat. Learn. Play.

Eat. Learn. Play. is a foundation committed to unlocking childhood hunger and ensuring students have access to a quality education and a safe place for children to play. Steph and Ayesha Curry founded Eat. Learn. Play.

The Black Joy Parade

The Black Joy Parade exists to provide the Black Community and allies a live experience that celebrates our influence on culture past, present and future. We will unite a diverse community by creating a space to express each of our unique contributions to the Black experience. We invite you to be creative, be open, be present, be free.

Community Events

African-American Read In

Feb. 2 & 3

A's Black Professionals will participate with the Oakland Education Fund to read books to Parker Elementary and Prescott Elementary School to discuss short stories featuring Black characters. The event is virtual to students from 2nd grade to 12th grade.

Social Media

Throughout the month, we will use our social platforms to highlight A's African-American players, alumni, and executives, local nonprofits, community figures, and Black-owned businesses. Follow us on social