Front Office Directory


Title Name
Managing Partner, Board Member John Fisher
President David Kaval
Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Billy Beane
Chairman Emeritus Lew Wolff
Board Member Bill Gurtin
Board Member Keith Wolff
Board Member Sandy Dean


Title Name
Special Assistant to the President Rickey Henderson
Special Assistant to the President Rollie Fingers
Chief of Staff Miguel Duarte
Director, Project Finance Ross Bowen
Manager, Operations Colette Lucas-Conwell
Special Assistant & Investor Relations, Manager Curtis Wigginton
Director, Alumni & Family Relations Detra Paige
Manager, Alumni and Family Relations Melissa Guzman


Title Name
General Manager David Forst
Assistant General Manager, Major League and International Operations Dan Feinstein
Assistant General Manager/Director of Player Personnel Billy Owens
Special Assistant to General Manager Grady Fuson
Special Assistant to General Manager Chris Pittaro
Director of Scouting Eric Kubota
Director of Player Development Ed Sprague
Special Advisor, Player Development Keith Lieppman
Special Assistant to Baseball Operations Scott Hatteberg
Special Assistant to Scouting & International Operations Steve Sharpe
Director of Baseball Administration Pamela Pitts
Director of Team Travel Mickey Morabito
Director of Clubhouse & Equipment Operations Matt Weiss
Assistant Director, Clubhouse & Equipment Operations Michael Clavin
Assistant GM, Baseball Development & Technology Rob Naberhaus
Research Scientist David Jackson-Hanen
Assistant Director, Research & Analytics Pike Goldschmidt
Assistant Director, Research & Analytics Ben Lowry
Assistant Director, Scouting & Baseball Operations Haley Alvarez
Coordinator, Scouting & Baseball Operations Greg Ledford
Video Coordinator Adam Rhoden
Minor League Technology & Development Manager Ed Gitlitz
Coordinator, Minor League Technology & Development Taylor Schmid
Manager, Minor League Operations Nancy Moriuchi
Developer, Baseball Systems Ben Lewis
Analyst, Baseball Operations Samantha Schultz
MNL Operations Coordinator Luis Victoria Gonzalez
Executive Administrator, Baseball Operations Alison Chapot
Visiting Clubhouse Manager Mike Thalblum
Assistant Equipment Manager Brian Davis
Clubhouse Staff & Umpires Attendant Chad Yaconetti
Senior Facility Manager, Arizona James Gibson
Coordinator, Arizona Clubhouse Operations Ty Ketterling
Manager, Minor League Equipment Thomas Miller
Head Athletic Trainer Nick Paparesta
Assistant Athletic Trainer Jeff Collins
Assistant Athletic Trainer Brian Schulman
Strength & Conditioning Coach Josh Cuffe
ML Quality Control Coach Michael Aldrete
Major League Massage Therapist Ozzie Lyles
Senior Coordinator of Medical Services Larry Davis
Team Physician Dr. Allan Pont
Team Physician Dr. Grant Wang
Team Orthopedist Dr. Jon Dickinson
Team Orthopedist Dr. Will Workman
Arizona Team Physician Dr. Fred Dicke


Title Name
Vice President, Marketing & Communications Catherine Aker


Title Name
Director of Communications & Content Erica George
Director, Baseball Communications Mark Ling
Social Media Manager Madison Campos
Social Media Coordinator Meredith Jarvis
Social Media Coordinator Mason Platt
Manager, Baseball Communications Olivia Hummer
Baseball Communications Coordinator Greg Korn
Baseball Information Manager Mike Selleck
Bilingual Communications Coordinator Melisa Bivian
Video Producer Jianyu Yang
Executive Assistant Lupita Rodriguez

Community Engagement

Title Name
Senior Director, Community Stephanie Gaywood
Senior Manager, Community Whitney Campbell
Coordinator, Community Engagement Annalise Lyons


Title Name
Director of Marketing Lisa Bullard
Manager, Email & Website Marketing Parker Preston
Team Photographer Michael Zagaris


Title Name
Sr. Director, Marketing & Advertising Vittorio DeBartolo
Manager, Marketing & Advertising Vanessa Mendy
Graphic Designer Casey Brochhagen
Graphic Designer Kristin Shum


Title Name
Coordinating Producer, Broadcasting D'Aulaire Louwerse
Multimedia Producer Cody Elias
Broadcasting & Media Content Coordinator Ray Jensen
Senior Broadcast Producer & Host Chris Townsend
Team Announcers Dallas Braden, Vince Cotroneo,
Ken Korach, Glen Kuiper

Ballpark Entertainment

Title Name
Senior Manager, Productions Justin Marshall
Ballpark Entertainment Producer Shaun Tatz
Ballpark Entertainment Production Coordinator Charlie Kenneweg
Public Address Announcer Amelia Schimmel
Mascot Stomper


Title Name
Vice President, Sales & Business Operations Steve Fanelli
Title Name
Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships Greg Rieber
Manager, Partnership Marketing Erika Cruz
Manager, Partnership Marketing Jonathan Labastida
Coordinator, Partnership Marketing Graham Nolan
Coordinator, Partnership Marketing Savannah Fried


Title Name
Vice President, Sales & Business Operations Steve Fanelli

Ticket Sales

Title Name
Senior Director, Ticket Sales Josh Feinberg
Senior Manager, Ticket Sales Matt Seu
Senior Account Executive, Business Development Parker Newton
Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales Anton Calvin
Account Executive Matt Mussoni
Account Executive Alyssa Mensinger
Account Executive Sean Dobbyn
Account Executive Carly Wade
Ticket Sales Representative Ethan Eliason
Ticket Sales Representative Simon Siggins-Bell

Ticket Services

Title Name
Senior Director, Service & Retention Josh Ziegenbusch
Manager, Membership Services Mariah Fitzpatrick
Premium Services Manager Niko Domingo
Membership Services Representative Gavin Lituchy
Membership Services Representative Dom DeAnda
Membership Services Representative Noah Berk

Ticket Operations

Title Name
Director of Ticket Operations David Adame
Ticket Operations Manager Allie Guido
Ticket Operations Representative Keith Barnard

Business Analytics

Title Name
Senior Director of Business Analytics Mark Bashuk
Senior Manager, Ticket Solutions Austin Redman
CRM & Sales Analyst Beau Muster
Business Operations Analyst Kelsey Moeller

Spring Training Business Operations

Title Name
Director, Spring Training Business Operations Joe Pun


Title Name
Vice President, Stadium Operations David Rinetti
Title Name
Senior Director of Stadium Operations Paul La Veau
Director of Concessions & Merchandise Nicole Morgan
Director, Stadium Operations Events Kristy Ledbetter
Senior Manager of Stadium Services Randy Duran
Director, Guest Services Elisabeth Aydelotte
Guest Services Coordinator Robert Towne
Senior Manager, Stadium Operations Systems Jason Silva
Stadium Operations Systems Coordinator Analisa Robles
Stadium Services Assistant Isaias Del Toro
Guest Services Assistant Giancarlo Bautista
Manager of Authentication Erik Farrell
Head Groundskeeper Clay Wood
Assistant Head Groundskeeper Samuel Turner
Groundskeeper Andrew Eagan
Arizona Groundskeeper Chad Huss


Title Name
Senior Director, Land Development Sam Worden
Director, Real Estate Anyé Spivey
Senior Manager, Project Development Noah Rosen
Senior Real Estate Analyst Leo Yang
Project Coordinator Grace Howard


Title Name
Coordinator of Project Activation Fallan Groth


Title Name
Chief Legal Officer D'Lonra Ellis


Title Name
Associate General Counsel Rhean Fajardo
Legal Counsel Stephen Wilson

People Operations

Title Name
Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Kyle Ellington
Senior Director of People Operations & Talent Adam Scoggan
Senior Manager, People Operations & Total Rewards Lauren Cracraft-Capenhurst
Manager, Talent & Acquisition Raul Rios
People Operations Business Partner, Stadium Operations Sarah Kalin
People Operations Business Partner, Baseball Operations LaurenHope Specht
People Operations Coordinator J'ley Fagalar
Office Services Coordinator Andrea Ramsey


Title Name
Senior Director, Technology Jody Johnson
Senior Director Engineering & Multimedia Services David Don
Engineer & Multimedia Services Charlie Magaña
Senior Systems Administrator Kevin Lowe
Lead IT Support Administrator Dave Cramer
IT Support Administrator Michael Espinoza
Business Analyst Alex Erskine


Title Name
Vice President of Finance Matthew Causey
Title Name
Senior Director of Finance Kasey Jarcik
Senior Manager, Payroll Rose Dancil
Senior Payroll Specialist Desiree Powers
Accounting Manager Aaron Wali
Senior Accountant Danna Mouat
Senior Revenue Accountant Naima Peterson
Accounts Payable Coordinator Carlos Hidalgo
Senior Financial Analyst Ameela Li
Jr. Accountant Marvin Hernandez