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Access Guide for Guests With Disabilities

Accessible Parking

Accessible Seating/Companion Seating

ADA Assistants

Elderly, disabled, or pregnant fans can use this service by asking any staff member who will contact the A's team for you. Guests can also schedule wheelchair or golf cart pick up from their seating location at any desired time or after the game has ended.

Wheelchair and Shuttle Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

  • Outside D Gate
  • Outside C Gate
  • On the BART Plaza

Please be advised, A's Team golf carts are not permitted to drive into the Parking Lots or across the BART Ramp.

A's Team ADA Special Assistance - Randy Duran (Supervisor) 510-563-2220,

Alternative Format Materials

Braille schedules can be mailed to guests who request them. To have a schedule mailed, please contact the A's Executive Offices at (510) 638-4900.

Assistive Listening Devices

Automated Teller Machines



The Oakland Coliseum was built in 1966 and therefore the concession stands are not ADA accessible. However, the staff at these stands will help accommodate disabled guests by coming out of the stand if necessary to assist them. We also have our ADA staff working the games that can assist if necessary.

Dietary Restrictions

We allow all guests to bring in food and beverages as long as they are within the posted stadium guidelines.

Drop-off/Pick Up Areas

Guests who wish to drop off and pick up their guests can do so at the North Mall Flag Pole and the South Mall Flag Pole. Paratransit shuttles routinely drop off ADA and elderly guests at this location. Please note, we are not able to make Paratransit reservations.

Electrical Outlets


Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency evacuation, guests should remain calm and listen to the PA or nearest event supervisor for instructions and directions. Guests should proceed to the nearest exit, or make their way to the playing field, as necessary. A's Team and Paramedics Plus personnel are available to assist guests with disabilities.

Entry and Carry in Policy

All entrance gates are ADA accessible. ADA-only lines are available at each entrance gate.

The Oakland Coliseum is a No Re-Entry facility. Guests who exit the stadium and wish to return will need a new, un-scanned game ticket to re-enter. We do make exceptions for guests who need to return to their vehicle for medical attention or issues. Guests who qualify should speak to the designated Event Representative who will mark their ticket for re-entry.

All permitted and prohibited items are listed at each entrance gate. All bags must be no larger than 16" x 16" x 8". All bags, including backpacks and purses, are subject to search. No cans, weapons, glass containers or alcohol are allowed into the Coliseum at any time. Diaper bags are permitted in regardless of size, for guests accompanied by their babies. Strollers must be small enough to keep out of walkways and aisles or be checked into the Guest Services Office at Section 126 or at an Information Booth at Sections 101, 134 and 220.

Fan Texting

Text "Issue", followed by space and "Location" to 69050. Message goes to Dispatch and they will respond to the issue. This text number is available for all issues, including requests for A's Team ADA Special Assistance. Text STOP to cancel or HELP for info. Message and data rates may apply.

First Aid

Interpreting Services

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones are available at Guest Services Office at Section 126.

Public Transportation

The BART system and Capital Corridor are conveniently located nearby and ADA accessible. Guests can take the ADA accessible pedestrian bridge to both the BART and Capital Corridor stations. Elevators and taxi cab service is available at the BART station.

Quiet Room

Quiet Rooms or quiet spaces are available in empty, unused suites, as space permits. Guests requesting a Quiet Room should go to Ticket Services or request assistance from the Guest Services Manager.


  • North Plaza Ramp: Located behind Section 225
  • South Plaza Ramp: Located behind Section 209 (Exit only during giveaways)
  • Section 120: inside stadium; access to Ticket Services & ATM
  • Section 114: inside stadium; access to Ticket Services
  • C Gate: access to Club Concourse Sections 200-205, Plaza Reserved (Sections 234-249), Eastside Club, Gate MM, and BART Plaza
  • D Gate: access to Club Concourse Sections 229-234, Plaza Reserved (Sections 234-249), Eastside Club, Gate LL, and BART Plaza.

Restrooms/Family Restrooms

Men's Restrooms:

  • Section 103
  • Section 110
  • Section 124
  • Section 131
  • Section 138
  • Section 147
  • Section 206
  • Section 210
  • Section 220
  • Section 224
  • Section 228
  • Section 236
  • Section 248
  • Section 314
  • Section 320
  • Shibe Park Tavern

Women's Restrooms:

  • Section 107
  • Section 112
  • Section 122
  • Section 127
  • Section 136
  • Section 139
  • Section 147
  • Section 148
  • Section 208
  • Section 210
  • Section 219
  • Section 224
  • Section 226
  • Section 237
  • Section 247
  • Section 315
  • Section 319
  • Shibe Park Tavern

Service Animals

Service dogs and miniature horses are allowed. Animals in training are also allowed. We do not have a pet relief area.

Stadium Seating Chart


All Suites on the East Side (Suites 67-96) are accessible by elevator.

Most suites on the West Side are on the concourse and ADA accessible.

Suite 60-61 have a wheelchair lift.

Ticket Information

DAY OF GAME: Accessible seating locations are available for day of game purchase, and are subject to availability. The A's Box Office at D Gate opens at 10 a.m. on game days.

Accessible seats are available in the following seating areas: MVP Infield, Lower Box, Field Infield, Field Level, Plaza Infield, Bleachers, Plaza Reserved and Value Deck. Space is available for a guest in a wheelchair or accessible chair. Seating with a companion is available in most sections. Any additional guests will be provided with the closest available seats.

SEASON TICKETS: Accessible accessible seats are available throughout the stadium in most Season Ticket packages. For more information please call (510) 568-5600.

Accessible Tickets Windows

  • Gate D
  • Gate C
  • Ticket Services Plaza

Self-service Ticket Kiosks

  • BART Plaza
  • A's Will Call
  • Gate D Kiosk
  • Gate C Kiosk

Water Fountains

Wheelchair Services


The Oakland A's are committed to making sure that guests with disabilities are able to enjoy all aspects of their visit to an Oakland A's game. Should there be any questions or concerns regarding our facilities, procedures or recommendations to improve the experience for our disabled guests, contact the A's at  (510) 638-4900.