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Accessible Parking

Accessible parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of an event at TD Ballpark.

Accessible Seating – Locations

TD Ballpark accessible seating areas are located throughout the ballpark. A list of the accessible seating sections are listed below (Subject to ticket availability):

Accessible Seating – Ticket Information

TD Ballpark accessible seating is reserved exclusively for guests with accessible needs and their companions. All persons attending baseball games and other events at the stadium require an admission ticket, including those accompanying guests with accessible needs.

Accessible seating tickets can be purchased over the phone at 1-888-525-JAYS

Accessible seats are subject to the same on-sale schedules and ticket availability as standard seating and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.


The designated drop-off/pick-up location for guests with accessible needs is on Beltrees Street near the north side of the stadium.


An elevator is available near the main entrance of TD Ballpark to access sections 205 and 209.

Electrical Outlets

Outlets are available throughout TD Ballpark for guests to charge their wheelchairs and other items required for accessibility. All electrical outlets at TD Ballpark are subject to availability.


TD Ballpark and Toronto Blue Jays security and event staff have been trained and instructed to assist guests in evacuating the stadium in the event of an emergency. In such an event, guests are asked to remain calm and follow instructions given via the public address system, uniformed event staff, security, police, and medical personnel.

During emergencies, guests should not use elevators. Instead, guests will be directed to exit TD Ballpark using the stairs or ramps. Staff are available to assist those requiring support. Guests are also encouraged to take the following steps in the event of an emergency:

Be aware of your location inside TD Ballpark at all times. Identify the exit located nearest to your seats.

First Aid

A First Aid room is available down the third base line in the main concourse. Guest requiring first aid are urged to contact the nearest Blue Jays staff member or visit our Guest Services stand in the main concourse for assistance.

Paramedics are on-site to provide assistance for fans as needed.

Gate / Entrance Points

The main entrance of TD Ballpark is accessible for all fans.

Fan Services Booth

A fan services booth is located down the third base line in the main concourse to assist guests with any questions or concerns throughout the game at TD Ballpark. Guests are encouraged to visit the fan services booth for lost persons or items and to make other general inquiries.


All workers and guests are subject to a security inspection upon entry at all gates. Guests with accessible needs or conditions that may require a variation in the standard inspection process will be subject to wanding by the TD Ballpark security team in place of passing through the metal detectors.

Service Animals

TD Ballpark adheres to the Pinellas County Department of Justice policy on service animals. Please visit the link below to see the full policy on service animals:


All restroom facilities at TD Ballpark are equipped with wheelchair accessible stalls. For guest requiring additional assistance from their support person, individual restrooms are located down the first base line in the main concourse and on the boardwalk behind the batter’s eye.

Wheelchair Escorts

TD Ballpark and Toronto Blue Jays event staff are happy to meet guest at fan services down the third base line to provide assistance with traveling to and from their seats with wheelchairs.

Wheelchair/Stroller Storage

Guests may check