When is my deadline to purchase additional tickets?
Additional tickets can be purchased (based on availability) up to two business days before your game. Please contact our Blue Jays Group Sales Team at 416-341-1234 to purchase.

Can we upgrade to a larger room?
There is an opportunity to upgrade to a larger room if there is availability for that game. Please contact our Blue Jays Group Sales Team at 416-341-1234 for any upgrade inquiries.

Do children require a ticket?
Parents may bring children under the age of two (2) into Rogers Centre for Toronto Blue Jays home games without a ticket for the child. Any fans two (2) years of age or older must have a valid ticket.

When is my Room payment due?
100% payment at the time of booking.

Can I get a refund on my Room?
All sales are final sale for Rooms purchases. Contact the Blue Jays Group Sales Team at 416-341-1234 if you need to reschedule your event.

Online Ticket Management

Can I receive printed tickets?
Rogers Centre has gone mobile – all tickets are available online through Toronto Blue Jays Account Manager or the MLB Ballpark app. You will receive an email when you can begin to manage your tickets online.


Can I bring outside food or beverages to my Room?
There is no outside food or drinks allowed on the 400 Level of Rogers Centre. Food and beverage service can be arranged with our catering partner, Aramark, in advance of your event or on event day.

Is food and beverage included?
Food and beverage is an available service beyond the cost of your Room. The Blue Jays are partnered with Aramark food services who provide food and drink service.

Stadium Access

Which gate should I enter through?
We have two dedicated entrances at Gates 3 & 13 for our Rooms. They provide access to the 400 Level via stairs and elevator.

Gate 3: 410-423
Gate 13: 486-496

Is re-entry permitted?
Re-entry is not permitted at Rogers Centre. Once a guest has had their ticket scanned, they are not permitted to exit and re-enter the stadium.

Can I access the main concourse levels with my Rooms ticket?
Room holders are permitted to access the 100, 200 and 500 levels through the elevator. Please keep your ticket with you at all times in order to return to the 400 level.

Can I bring my luggage/stroller to my room?
Luggage and strollers are permitted, but are subject to a security check.

When must I vacate my Room after the game?
Your Room must be vacated 20 minutes after the end of the game.

Event Enhancements

Can I decorate?
Yes, you can bring in décor, such as centerpieces, party favours and napkins. Please respect the following limitations: No balloons are permitted at Rogers Centre, and no tape is permitted on the walls.

Can I bring a cake?
While outside food or drink is not permitted, we make exceptions for celebratory cakes. You are welcome to bring a cake, however, please notify our food provider Aramark if you will be bringing in a cake.

Can I bring gifts into the stadium?
Gifts are permitted into Rogers Centre, excluding alcohol, subject to a security check.

I have a room on a giveaway day-will we be guaranteed the giveaway item for our suite guests?
Giveaways will be handed out at the entrance gate, please arrive early to Rogers Centre to increase your chances of receiving a giveaway.


Do you offer parking?
Bus Parking and Accessible Parking is availab at an additional cost.

Bus Parking: $50 per spot
Accessible Parking: $45 per spot

Both are subject to availability and can be purchased for your game by contacting the Blue Jays Group Sales team at 416-341-1234.

For additional information on Rogers Centre Parking, see here.