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If you plan to attend a game at Progressive Field during the 2021 season, please make sure you are familiar with our updated 2021 ballpark safety policies and procedures, here. Ballpark App

Using the Ballpark app, you are able to browser your ticket inventory, present digital tickets for admission, forward tickets to a friend and recall tickets. To access and manage your tickets, just tap the "Tickets" tab at the top of your screen.


  1. Open or login to the Ballpark app

  2. Select Tickets tab on the bottom menu

  3. Choose the game that contains the tickets you want to forward

  4. Tap the Forward Tickets button

  5. Select which specific tickets you want to forward

  6. Click Forward tickets and choose delivery method (Email or share link)

    Note: The ticket icon will indicate that it was forwarded and will show if the ticket was accepted or not by the recipient.


  1. Open the Ballpark app

  2. Select 'Ticket Tab' in the middle of the bottom menu

  3. Click the ticket with right facing arrow in top right corner of the page

  4. Select the game with the ticket you want to recall

  5. Tap ‘Cancel’ on all the tickets you wish to recall

    Note: When you cancel a forward, the recipient will receive an email notification
    Note: If a ticket was forwarded through MyTickets, you are not able to recall the ticket through the Ballpark app

Forwarding & Recalling


Step 1. Log into your My Indians Tickets account at Step 2. Select the "My Ticket Inventory" button.
Step 3. Select "Forward Tickets" from the Ticket Action dropdown menu.
Step 4. Select the event(s) and seat(s) you would like to forward.
Step 5. Click a friend's name from the friends list or add a new friend.
Step 6. Click "Continue" and add an optional personal message, then select "Forward Tickets."
Step 7. A confirmation email will appear stating successful delivery of the tickets.


Step 1. Log into your My Indians Tickets account at
Step 2. Select the "My History" button.
Step 3. Click on the blue highlighted forward ID.
Step 4. Select the seat(s) you wish to recall.
Step 5. Select 'Recall.'
Step 6. Tickets will appear back in your My Ticket Inventory.

Ticket Exchange

As a valued Season Ticket Holder, you have the ability to turn in tickets to games you can't attend in exchange for tickets to a future game. To exchange your tickets, simply log in to your My Tickets account on a desktop or laptop computer and follow the steps below.

The My Tickets Exchange platform offers many exciting new features:

Instant Ticket Fulfillment
Your tickets will appear on your My Indians Ticket account immediately after completing the exchange.

Day-of-Game Exchanges
You are now able to exchange tickets into a game up until the scheduled start of the game.

Exchange Deadline 
Tickets must be turned in at least two hours in advance of the scheduled first pitch of the game that you are not attending to be considered eligible for exchange. 

Select Your Seats
You will have more flexibility than ever before to select your exact seating location within the ballpark. You also have the option of exchanging your tickets into any seating section in the ballpark, subject to availability.

How to Exchange Your Tickets

  • Step 1. Log into your My Tickets account at
  • Step 2. Select "Exchange Tickets" from the Ticket Action dropdown menu
  • Step 3. Choose the date and tickets you would like to turn in for exchange, and click "Continue"
  • Step 4. Select the game you would like to exchange into from the list of available dates
  • Step 5. Hover over different seating sections on the Progressive Field map to see what tickets are available and their cost, and click on your desired seating section
  • Step 6. Click on the seats you would like to reserve, and then click "Review Your Selections"
  • Step 7. Review your order and click "Continue"
  • Step 8. If your exchange was an upgrade, enter your payment information and billing address (if your exchange was a downgrade, no payment information is required)
  • Step 9. Confirm your email under the "Delivery Method" section, scroll down to the bottom of the pay, and click "Buy Tickets"

Your exchanged tickets will be available to manage through your Ticket Inventory and Ballpark app.