Baby Yoda is a Braves fan

'A long time ago in a stadium far, far away'

October 1st, 2020

People have a lot of questions about Baby Yoda. "Who is he?" "How did he get to be so cute?" and, most crucially, "Which Major League Baseball team does he support?"

We were given that answer on Thursday when the Braves' mascot Blooper -- sorry, "The Mandablooperian" -- appeared behind home plate during Game 2 of the Reds-Braves Wild Card Series game, with Baby Yoda in his arms.

Say what you will, but this is still a better reveal than when Baby Yoda first appeared on the show. It may also explain what Blooper was doing on Wednesday -- he was simply scouting out the area to make sure it was safe for "The Child."

As for whether this will be enough to inspire the Braves to victory, well, we'll have to wait and see.