You get to decide who has the best hair in baseball

So many styles, only one champion

March 19th, 2020

Opening Day might have to wait a while, but baseball's many hairstyles know no offseason. Short, long, beaded, dyed -- no matter what look you're into, if you can dream, one of your favorite stars is rocking it.

But just who has the best hair in the big leagues? Well, that's up for you to decide: All March long, MLB Network Radio is holding a tournament to determine just who has the #BHIB -- the best hair in baseball.

(First impression: Lindor, Bichette and Fernando Tatis Jr. in the same region is criminally unfair, while Dansby Swanson is a sleeper who can make a run all the way to the Final Four.)

Of course, not long after the bracket dropped, Pirates shortstop Cole Tucker informed them that they'd made a grave omission:

I mean, he's got a point:

Tucker found his way into a play-in game against none other than Mike Trout, where he (justifiably) cruised to a win:

The first round is underway as we speak, so make sure to head over to the MLB Network Radio Twitter account to make your voice heard and follow along all month.