You won't be able to handle this bat dog cuteness

Seriously, it's too much

March 30th, 2020

Like players and announcers, bat dogs have to remain in game shape during this quarantine. You can't just lie around and eat all day waiting for your tummy to be rubbed. You need to be ready. You don't want an umpire to come out and embarrass you in the home opener.

And newest and tiniest Trenton Thunder bat dog Dash is training. The three-month-old golden retriever actually won't take the field until 2021, but he's already putting in that work ... with some help from his older cousin and current Thunder bat dog Rookie. (Warning: The following video will be too cute for most viewers.)

Look at those two pals. Family is everything, and they can help us through anything. We should all learn something from Rookie and Dash. Also, can we please, please promote bat dogs to the Majors now?