Did this injury really happen or did we make it up?

Stay far, far away from tanning beds

January 29th, 2020
Art by Tom Forget

Baseball is a dangerous game, some of the best athletes in the world pushing their bodies to the limit -- leaping through the air, crashing into walls, hurling balls at 97 mph, 162 times a year. Injuries simply come with the territory.

Not all injuries are created equal, though. There are your twisted ankles, your pulled hamstrings, your Tommy John surgeries, and then there are ... well, mishaps so weird they seemingly defy reality. (Just ask Reds All-Star Eugenio Suarez, who underwent surgery Tuesday to repair a shoulder injury suffered in his own swimming pool.)

And to prove it, we've devised the quiz below: Can you tell which of these bizarre baseball player injuries actually happened and which we just straight made up? (If the quiz isn't displaying, click here.)

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