Puig mimics Little Leaguer's wild batting stance

August 18th, 2019

Word of one of the most bizarre batting stances imaginable spread quickly on Saturday after Deivis Ordoñez of Venezuela's Little League World Series team "stood" in an extremely low crouch in the batter's box, possibly in an attempt to rattle the pitcher.

Just one day later, Ordoñez's signature style made it to the big leagues, as none other than of the Indians adopted the stance in the first inning against Yankees lefty CC Sabathia during the Tribe's 8-4 win at Yankee Stadium.

Puig went into a pronounced crouch right after stepping into the box, then returned to his usual stance as Sabathia got ready to throw the first pitch of the at-bat. Puig then returned to the crouch as the ball crossed the plate for a called strike.

After a foul and two balls, Puig struck out swinging.