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Downtown Parking Map

Padres preferred parking is available adjacent to Petco Park. Guests are strongly encouraged to pre-purchase their parking to guarantee a spot in these convenient lots. On weekends, special events and other large crowd games, guests should plan on utilizing public transportation or parking facilities a short walk from the ballpark. Check out the parking map below to plan your trip.

Padres Preferred Parking

Additional Parking Options

Access to Padres Preferred Parking

From The North
> Inbound (option one)
I-5 South; Exit Imperial Ave. (West)
< Outbound (option one)
Imperial Ave. (East); Left onto 19th St. to I-5 North

> Inbound (option two)
I-5 South; Exit 10th Ave. (ow)
< Outbound (option two)
11th Ave. (ow) to I-5 North

> Inbound (option three)
163 South; Exit 10th Ave. (ow)
< Outbound (option three)
11th Ave. (ow) to 163 North

From The East
> Inbound (option one)
King / 94 Fwy West to F St. (ow); Left onto 16th St.; Right onto Imperial Ave.
< Outbound (option one)
13th Ave. North; Right onto G St. (ow) to King / 94 Fwy East

From The South
> Inbound (option one)
I-5 North; Exit J St. (West)
< Outbound (option one)
J St. (East); Right onto 17th St. to I-5 South

(ow) = one way