Padres Environmental Sustainability Program


Petco Park was built in an urban area on a brownfield redevelopment site. This protected undeveloped green space in the county.

Alternative Transportation - Petco Park is located within a ¼ mile from the San Diego Trolley and MTS Bus Station. The Padres Parkade offers electric vehicle charging as well as other parking garages in the area. There are also bike share availability and bike racks for patrons.

Heat Island Reduction - Many urban areas suffer increased heat loads from asphalt, pavement, and building roofing in high density areas. In Downtown San Diego, Petco Park's natural playing field and Park at the Park contributes to reduced heat island effect. Furthermore, the white roof canopy and steel structure also provide a high solar reflectivity index rating which further reduces the heat island effect.


Petco Park has a 336-kW solar array installed on the ballpark canopy, the largest solar project in Major League Baseball.


Petco Park replaced the field sports lighting with LED technology, reducing sports lights energy consumption in half from over 1 million watts to 500,000 watts.

Over 40,000 building lighting fixtures were converted from incandescent, HID, and fluorescent fixtures to LED fixtures. LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy that typical lighting fixtures consume.

Petco Park worked with the local utility to implement the second largest On-Bill Financing project in California history. The OBF project converted heating hot water loop to variable speed flow, implemented HVAC supply air temperature reset based on load, upgraded HVAC fan coil motors, installed demand response controls on HVAC, replaced ballpark ice machines with Energy Star units, installed demand-control variable speed drives for kitchen hood exhaust fans, installed temperature on/off controls for exhaust fans, installed plug load controls to shut down equipment in concession stands during non-events, added variable speed drives on spa filter pumps, added PC Power Management software to reduce ballpark computer energy use, implemented controls to turn on/off electric hot water heaters based on event needs, installed a smaller "pony" chilled water heat exchanger to reduce CW use on non-event days, reduced CHW pump speed with variable speed drives and controls optimization

The ballpark utilizes a computer-based Building Automation System to control heating, cooling, and lighting systems. The BAS uses schedules, occupancy sensors, and variable frequency drives to optimize building performance and energy management.

The ballpark utilizes system level metering and a real-time Energy Management Dashboard to monitor 14 electric meters and 30 sub meters throughout the ballpark. The ballpark also benchmarks energy data through EnergyStar Portfolio Manager.


Petco Park's indoor plumbing fixtures have all been upgraded to low-flow water saving fixtures. The water fixtures are certified by the EPA Water Sense program and meet the 2006 Universal Plumbing Code water use ratings.

The potable water meters and irrigation water meters are monitored with the OSI Soft Building Dashboard, which provides real time data for building energy management. This information helps identify irrigation leaks and water savings opportunities.

The building chilled water cooling plant and heating hot water plant are closed loop systems that require minimal make up water.

Petco Parks' Water Wall feature at home plate gate operates with recirculated water.


Digital ticketing and paperless tickets/invoices for fans reduce material use and improve waste diversion.

The Padres purchase paper products made with recycled materials for office use, cleaning, and restrooms.

The ballpark food service trays and packaging are made of recycled materials and biodegradable materials. Plastic drinking straws were also replaced with paper straws.


    • Petco Park has an extensive recycling program with the goal of diverting 70% of waste from the landfill.
    • Used cooking grease is processed and converted to bio-diesel.
    • Recycling containers are located throughout the ballpark in public and service areas.
    • Pre-consumer food waste collected and composted.
    • Post-consumer food waste is diverted from the landfill using an Aerobic Food Digester.
    • Unsold food is inventoried and donated to local non-profit groups.
    • The ballpark also diverts 100% of electronic and construction waste from landfills.
    • Clear plastic and shrink wrap is recycled into plastic decking material.


    • The ballpark utilizes a green gleaning program that utilizes ionized water and non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners, and Green Seal products.
    • Petco Park's refrigeration units are free of Ozone depleting CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons).
    • Petco Park is non-smoking facility.
    • Petco park utilizes LED lighting and not mercury based fluorescent lighting.


    The Padres give back to the San Diego and Baja communities through the Padres Volunteer Program. Signature events include beach clean ups and food donations.


    SDGE Energy Champion - Entertainment 2016

    Energy Upgrade California - Stay Golden Leadership Award 2016

    Downtown San Diego Partnership - Sustainable Business Practices Award 2016