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Padres Go Green

Green Initiative for Petco Park

The San Diego Padres and its contracted partners, in collaboration and cooperation with Major League Baseball and Federal, State and local governmental agencies, are committed to the development and execution of a Green Initiative for Petco Park. This proactive plan is focused on the implementation of recycling, waste management, energy efficiencies and water conservation. The goal is to utilize as many available and appropriate resources as possible in an effort to operate the ballpark in an environmentally friendly manner. In order to maintain a successful Green Initiative, Petco Park is dedicated to provide continuous education and outreach to all ballpark employees and fans.

Padres Partners 
The following partners work together toward a greener Petco Park:

  • Aramark
  • City of San Diego Environmental Services
  • Hines
  • Sportservice
  • Waste Management

2005 - 2011 City of San Diego Recycler of the Year Award
2009 - 2010 California Integrated Waste Management Board Waste Reduction Award
2009 San Diego Downtown Partnership Sustainability Award
2009 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WasteWise Gold Achievement Award for Public Venue Recycling
2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WasteWise Gold Achievement Award for Public Venue Waste Reduction
2010 Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award
2011 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's WasteWise Gold Achievement Award for Food Recovery
2011 CalRecycle Waste Reduction Award
2012 Major League Baseball "Green Glove" award-National League Wild Card

Recycling Programs

The Padres are working to increase its overall recycling to more than 75-percent in 2013, up from 65-percent last year. This includes recycling: commingled items (plastic, paper, glass and aluminum), cardboard, cooking oil, food waste, green waste (i.e., grass clippings), e-waste (computers, CPUs, light bulbs, batteries), uniform clothes, wood pallets, tires, televisions, plastic foam, plastic wrap, concrete, and wire hangers.

Petco Park has the following sustainable practices in place:

Commingled Recycling (plastic, mixed paper, glass, aluminum)

  • At the conclusion of any game or major event, the waste left by fans is sorted through to capture and divert recyclables from the trash.
  • Ballpark employees participate at individual desks, copy rooms, conference rooms and suites.
  • The Padres Accounting Department contracts with Shred-It, to destroy and recycle 100 lbs of paper each month.

Cardboard Recycling

  • Petco Park recycles cardboard by use of a baler system. Contracted building partners pile boxes for janitorial teams to collect and break down.

Cooking Oil Recycling

  • Cooking oil is collected in drums and is removed twice a month. Each load varies from 400-800 lbs per removal. The collected cooking oil is then processed into bio-diesel, some of which is brought back to the ballpark for use in the janitorial hot water power washers.

Food Waste Recycling

  • All concession stands and restaurants within Petco Park participate in a food waste diversion program. At the conclusion of any game or major event, food waste is disposed into a compactor. The food waste is then taken to the Miramar Greenery where it's turned into compost. The compost is periodically returned on site for use in the ballpark landscaping.

Green Waste Recycling

  • Grass clippings from the playing field are sent to the Miramar Greenery for composting.

E-Waste Recycling

  • Computers, monitors, printers, televisions, and anything else with a plug are palletized and removed for recycling with a local certified company. Cell phone batteries are also recycled with this company.
  • Expires light bulbs are collected and removed by an independent recycling company.

Uniform Clothing Recycling

  • Working with a local paper company, old staff uniforms with logos are recycled by shredding the fabric to create paper products. The paper can be used by the ballpark for various projects, such as menu's in the restaurants, bookmarks for employees, note cards, etc.
  • All non-logo uniform attire is donated to Goodwill Industries for re-use.

Wood Pallet Recycling

  • All unclaimed wood pallets are removed by a local company that distributes them for reuse. Broken or damaged pallets are also removed so they may be repaired for reuse in an effort to ensure wood scrap is not wasted.

Wire Hanger Recycling

  • The dry cleaning valet service used by office staff collect all wire hangers which are then re-used by the dry cleaning company.

Recycled Recreational Surfacing

  • The Playground in Park at the Park was constructed using SAF DEK recreational surfacing that is made from 75% recycled rubber.
  • There is approximately 7,472 square feet of rubber flooring in other areas of the ballpark, including the bullpen, dugouts, running tunnel, and clubhouse hallways. Each of these surfaces is made predominantly from recycled rubber material.

Plastic Packaging Recycling

  • The San Diego Padres have partnered with TREX Industries to recycle plastic packaging. A baler was installed at Petco Park for all collected polyethylene films such as shrink wrap and stretch wrap and for the plastic bags collected at the Employee Recycle Center. TREX uses these materials to form boards for decking, railing and fencing.

Wine Corks

  • Here at Petco Park, we also donate our old wine corks to various companies. This past year we donated our used wine corks to a fundraising Gala that was able to reuse the corks to create art work and decorations for the event which was focused on waste reduction. We also donate our corks to a company that creates cork tiles and cork-soul sandals.

Ink Cartridges and Cell Phones

  • Ink cartridges and cell phones are sent to a company called Funding Factory. Re-manufacturable ink and toner cartridges are shipped to partner companies to be refurbished; cell phones and small electronics are recycled, refurbished, or sent to smelters to be reduced to their base metals then sold for use in new products.

Fan Outreach


  • Informational slides are displayed during the pre and post-game loop on all the TVs located throughout the ballpark.

Employee Outreach


  • Employees are required to attend training throughout each baseball season. These training sessions include information on recycling and other environmental efforts implemented at the ballpark.

Employee Handbook

  • Before the start of each season, all employees are given an employee handbook. A "Green" section is included in the handbook that lists the common waste items found throughout the ballpark and distinguishes if they are recyclable or not.


  • Signs that distinguish what items are recyclable and what items are not recyclable have been posted in all common areas including employee break rooms and copy rooms. In addition, staff is kept informed of our current recycling rate and progress with posters hung in all break rooms.

Employee Recycle Center

  • The Padres have provided the opportunity for employees to recycle items from home. The Employee Recycle Center has a collection slot for household batteries, CFLs, plastic bags, cell phones, ink cartridges, and wine corks.

Water Conservation

Domestic Use

  • All public restrooms have time control faucets that automatically shut off the water flow after a set time period. This eliminates the possibility of having faucets left on and wasting water.

Irrigation Use

  • All landscaping in planters are on drip systems with timers. The planters are continuously monitored for seasonal or other changes to watering schedules. The playing field is also time clock controlled but within this system are moisture monitors that will add water or delay as needed.

Energy Efficiencies

  • Electronic Ballasts, T-8 Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
  • T-8 fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps are used in place of the old T-12 lamps and incandescent lamps. These replacements provide the same lumens at a fraction of the power.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

  • These devices are incorporated into every motor requiring 25 horsepower or greater in the facility; the VFD's primary purpose is to vary the speed of the motor based on the required load.

Building Management System (BMS)

  • The BMS is a computer program that monitors and controls all of the heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), televisions and lighting systems at the ballpark. These functions shift the set points at the minimum required, thereby saving energy.

Lighting Controls and Astronomical Time Clock

  • Incorporated within the BMS is an astronomical time clock. This function calculates the sunset times for each day and will turn on the lights that are programmed at the proper time.

Motion Sensors

  • Motion sensors were installed in all San Diego Padres offices, cubicles and common work areas in an effort to reduce electricity consumption. Sensors are programmed to turn off lights 30 minutes after space remains unoccupied. Also in this past year, we installed Energy Misers which are motion sensors for soda machines. These Energy Misers help save energy on all soda machines when people are not occupying a break room.

Suite A/C Controllers

  • In an effort to ensure utility usage was not being wasted, air-conditioning will automatically deactivate when the ballpark suites roll-up door is opened.

Emergency Generators

  • To reduce power demand whenever there is a imminent brown-out or black-out the Padres' emergency generator system will be activated and operate simultaneously with utility power in an effort to reduce the amount of utility power used.