Where did the ball go? No one knows!

May 4th, 2022

PHILADELPHIA -- Phillies slugger Bryce Harper rolled his eyes and flipped his bat in frustration after hitting a towering fly ball in the first inning of the club's game against the Rangers on Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park.

Harper's reaction suggested it would be a routine fly ball -- but center fielder Eli White's reaction indicated it would be anything but routine.

The Rangers outfielder charged straight in before extending both arms out wide, signaling he had seemingly lost track of the ball. Turns out, the camera crew had lost track, too -- as well as both the home and away broadcasters.

In fact, it seemed as if the only person in the ballpark with any idea where the ball was going to land was Texas left fielder Nick Solak. He raced 81 feet to his left to make the catch in the left-center-field gap, albeit unbeknownst to those watching at home, as the broadcast camera had instead zeroed in on White's pose of confusion in straightaway center field.

In the end, Harper's initial reaction proved to be the correct one -- even if White's was not.