'Proud of you': Hearn, sister have sweet postgame moment

April 12th, 2022

While ultimately saddled with a no-decision in the Rangers' 6-4 loss to the Rockies on Monday, starting pitcher Taylor Hearn still got to give a very special postgame press conference.

It began when the microphone was handed to Robyn Hearn, who is the sports director at KAUZ News Channel 6 covering Texas and Oklahoma -- and Taylor's younger sister.

While Robyn posed a lighthearted question, asking if her brother's recovery after a rough first inning had anything to do with someone special being in the press box, Taylor took the opportunity to deliver a heartfelt message in person, thanking Robyn for her support and expressing his desire to set a good example for her.

Obviously, the exchange made for a sweet moment -- and gave us a reason to hope Robyn makes it to a few more Rangers games this season.