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February 10, 1991

In a preview for the 1991 Spring Training season, Chicago Sun-Times writer Andrew Hermann had this to say of Dodgertown. "At the famed Dodgertown in Vero Beach, the permanent seats were sold when we arrived, which turned out to be a bonus. A capacity crowd means that fans can sit under palm trees on the grassy outfield embankment. If that doesn't give you a tingling feeling for Spring Training in Florida, turn around and go home." 1

February 22, 1991

Sportswriter John Garrity wrote of Dodgertown in his 1991 edition of The Traveler's Guide to Baseball Spring Training. He said of the best parks in Spring Training Baseball "In Florida's Grapefruit League, it's Holman Stadium where the Los Angeles Dodgers play. It's old-fashioned and fans have tremendous access to players." Garrity also mentions in the book Dodgertown and Holman Stadium was the best stadium to collect player autographs in Florida Spring Training. 2

March 4, 1991

Minor league catcher Ed Lund is this Spring Training's winner of the annual catchers' popup contest. The contest, featuring only Dodger catchers, is their own version of a slam-dunk contest in basketball. Catchers have to catch a pop fly with an innovative technique to win a prize. This year, Lund won the award for the best catch of a pop fly when he waited for the pop fly to be struck, then he did a double somersault and retrieved his catcher's glove from a teammate before making the catch. 3   Mike Scioscia, the Dodgers' regular catcher, is a regular contestant. One Spring Training, Scioscia, as his right as a major league player, entered the field for the contest wearing a turban with a Dodger clubhouse assistant bearing Scioscia's glove on a pillow. 4

March 7, 1991

Washington Post writer Tom Boswell wrote of Dodgertown in early Spring Training. Boswell's words were "Everything here is exactly as it should be. Ridiculously perfect. Dodgertown is the idyll of Spring Training made manifest." 5

March 10, 1991

Sportswriter Steve Dilbeck sat down with Dodger President Peter O'Malley to speak of the issues facing the Dodgers and asked O'Malley for his memories of Dodgertown. O'Malley replied, "We've been here since the late 40s and I've been coming every year since I was a kid. Haven't missed a year yet. And having worked here as I did in the early '60s running the camp, every tree here I've seen grown. The fields develop. There's a lot of pride right here, as well as Dodger Stadium. There's a lot of enjoyment, because looking back, we've done it well. I learned how to drive on this street when I was 15 years old. I remember washing Joe Black's car. I remember when the lake was built behind Holman Stadium. We went and got a dozen ducks and we put them over there and fed them and they stayed for years. I remember when the golf course was built, Holman Stadium, the barracks. The St. Patrick's Day party we held. I could go on forever." 6

March 12, 1991

The pitcher who had thrown the most innings in a Spring Training game by this date this year was the Dodger manager, Tom Lasorda. Lasorda pitched 7 1/3 innings in a game consisting of Dodger minor league players and earned the win, 7-3. Lasorda injured his hamstring while pitching in the fifth inning, but continued to pitch for the win. Lasorda said, "I told them they would have to carry me out." The game was called after eight innings when Peter O'Malley, in consideration for Lasorda's injury, ordered the Holman Stadium lights to be turned off. 7

April 4, 1991

Dodger President Peter O'Malley displays his appreciation to the people of Vero Beach and Indian River County in a quarter size page advertisement in the Vero Beach Press-Journal. O'Malley wrote in his thank you, "To our friends in Indian River County: The Dodgers have just concluded our 44th consecutive year of Spring Training in Vero Beach. Throughout the years we have been fortunate to have the loyal support of so many people in the county. We appreciate everything you do for us to make our spring visit each year so enjoyable." 8

May 14, 1991

The New York Times discussed the relative advantages of professional teams in the treatment of their players and cited Dodgertown as an example as a factor in the performance of the club. "In each sport, certain teams, blessed with magnanimous owners, have earned a reputation for treating their players a bit above the norm. Peter O'Malley offers his Dodgers that incredible training site, a gorgeous stadium, and aggressive free-agent policy that assures them top-flight teammates. The Dodgers win, generally speaking." 9

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