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Baseball Academy | T12 Tryout Camps

Introduction to T12

Tournament 12 (T12) presented by New Era is a national amateur baseball tournament held at Rogers Centre each September hosted by the Blue Jays Baseball Academy and Tournament Commissioner, Roberto Alomar. The goal of T12 is to provide a showcase opportunity for the best 150 amateur baseball players born in Canada, with college eligibility. T12 acts to centralize the best Canadian baseball players, with the intention of exposing them to as many pro and college scouts as possible. Simply put, the Blue Jays Baseball Academy's intention is to provide a platform that both highlights and markets the high level of amateur baseball talent in this country. Since 2013, 69 former T12 players have been drafted by Major League Baseball organizations with over 300 receiving college scholarships to continue their academic and athletic careers.

New format for 2019

2019 will mark a new format for Tournament 12 in which tournament rosters will no longer be based on regional teams, but the best 150 players in Canada, divided appropriately among all 6 teams. This will ensure that Tournament 12 truly features the best 150 players in Canada regardless of geographic location.

T12 Tryouts

2019 T12 Tryouts have ended.

Tournament 12 (T12) Tryouts are held across Canada from May 9th to the 31st. These tryout camps help determine the players selected to participate at T12. While it is not mandatory that players attend a T12 Tryout Camp in order to be selected to a T12 roster, it is the best way to ensure players are fairly and accurately evaluated.

Players living in Atlantic provinces are evaluated through a T12 Tryout Tournament which takes place in New Brunswick in early July featuring the 18U Selects team of all four Atlantic provinces.


Who is eligible?
Amateur baseball players who are between the ages of 14-19 (as of September 1, 2019) can register to participate in the T12 Tryout Camp.

What is involved?
Position players will be evaluated based on Speed (60 yard sprint), throwing, defense and hitting. Pitchers will be evaluated by throwing in the bullpen. Each evaluation session will run approximately four hours.

Why should I attend?
T12 Tryout Camp is the best way to ensure players are fairly and accurately evaluated. Evaluations of players and decisions on rosters are made by the Blue Jays Scouting Department as well as the Blue Jays Baseball Academy which are present at all tryouts. Although the Blue Jays Baseball Academy has made a conscience effort to attend many showcase events as possible, we cannot accurately evaluate all interested players.

What position should I try out for?
Players are encouraged to tryout for their best position. Because of the number of players trying out, it is not possible to evaluate players for multiple positions.

Who will be evaluating the players?
Players will be evaluated by the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy and the Toronto Blue Jays Scouting Department. All final roster decisions will be determined by the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Academy.

Should Bantam age players attend?
Yes, T12 is focused on getting the best player regardless of age. Younger players attending a T12 Tryout Camp can begin to position themselves for consideration in future tournaments. It is a great experience for players to be evaluated in this type of setting/environment.

What is the cost?
Players must register individually for this event. Online registration is now open and the fee for a T12 Tryout Camp is $110 per participant plus applicable taxes.

What is the refund policy?
A full refund, less a $10 administration fee, will be granted if registration is cancelled at least 48 hours prior to clinic date. Any cancellations within 48 hours of the clinic will not receive a refund.

When are the T12 Rosters Selected?
July 12: Initial roster spots are determined for each team.
August 19: Final roster spots are determined for each team.

In Ontario, how many sessions do you I need to attend?
To accommodate all players, there will be three tryouts in Ontario with no caps on registration. Players only need to register for one and will be asked to indicate their desired session during registration.

Which tryout should I attend?
Players are welcome to tryout at any location, regardless of where they live or were born in.


Please contact the Blue Jays Academy at 416-341-2500 or if you have any questions.