What is the difference between a Jr. Jays Club Membership and Jr. Jays Club All-Star Membership?

A Jr. Jays Club Membership is a free membership program where kids 14-years-old and under can receive great benefits!

To learn more on the Jr. Jays Club Membership CLICK HERE

A Jr. Jays Club All-Star Membership goes above and beyond Jr. Jays Club membership and can be purchased online or at Jays Shop for $29.99.

To learn more on the Jr. Jays Club All-Star Membership CLICK HERE

How do I access my 50% off Jr. Jays ticket offer?

After registering to be a Jr. Jays Club or Jr. Jays Club All-Star member you will be able to access your ticket offer all season long from the Jr. Jays Club Hub in the parent/guardian portal.

I purchased a membership in 2020 or 2021, is my membership active for the 2022 season?

We are pleased to announce that we are honouring all members who purchased a membership during 2020 or 2021 for the 2022 season as Jr. Jays Club All-Star Members. Members from 2020 and 2021 are encouraged to reach out to [email protected] to receive their unique Gift Code to reactivate their membership for the 2022 season.

How much does a Jr. Jays Club All-Star Membership cost?

All-Star Memberships are available for purchase online through www.bluejays.com/jrjaysclub or at Jays Shop for $29.99.

How do I sign up to be a Jr. Jays Club or Jr. Jays Club All-Star Member?

Please visit www.bluejays.com/jrjaysclub to register for a Jr. Jays Club or All-Star Membership. Click “I want a Jr. Jays membership!”. Please note that if you purchase a Jr. Jays Club All-Star Membership online, your activation will be streamlined and will already be activated when you receive it. You can also purchase a Jr. Jays Club All-Star Membership from Jays Shop at Rogers Centre.

I purchased a Jr. Jays All-Star Membership at Jays Shop, how do I activate my membership online?

Please visit www.bluejays.com/jrjaysclub to activate your Jr. Jays Club All-Star Membership. Select “Activate Your Membership”. From here you will be asked to fill out some personal information to activate your All-Star membership. When you have reached the stage where you select what membership option you would like, select “Jr. Jays All-Star Membership” and click next. Once you have entered the payment phase, you will need to enter the Gift Code provided on your activation card to complete the activation process, this will zero out your balance.

Am I limited to the number of memberships I can register for?

For 1 parent/guardian profile, you can register up to 10. Jr. Jays Club or All-Star memberships.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Please allow 1-2 weeks from the purchase date for membership items to be delivered.

I entered the wrong shipping address when purchasing my All-Star Membership online, what should I do?

Do not worry – please email [email protected] with the correct shipping address and a representative will make the adjustments accordingly prior to shipment.

Can I purchase a Jr. Jays Club All-Star Membership as a gift?

Yes! Just provide us with the mailing address and name of the child(ren) you would like the membership sent to when purchasing the membership online.

Do Jr. Jays Club and Jr. Jays Club All-Star Memberships expire?

Yes- all memberships are unique to the season and expire at the end of the calendar year. Each Spring, new Jr. Jays Club and All-Star Memberships will be released. It will be necessary to register for a new membership for each new season.

Am I able to upgrade my membership from Club Member to All-Star?

Absolutely! If you wish to upgrade your membership, please log on to your Jr. Jays Club Hub and select the “Upgrade Membership” button, fill out the required information and you will be on your way to becoming a Jr. Jays Club All-Star.

I participated in First Pitch/Starting Lineup. Is there a way to get any photos?

If you would like to receive photos from a First Pitch or Starting Lineup, please email [email protected] and we will send you the photos. Please allow 2 weeks after your event for photos to be sent to you.

I am missing an item/an item arrived damaged in my All-Star membership? Can you help?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please email [email protected] and provide us with proof of purchase, as well as your mailing address. We will be happy to mail you a replacement item.