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Learn with BLOOPER


Do you want to be part of BLOOPER's team? Learn how with our TEAM BLOOPER school show! This 4-point program about character development teaches your students how everyone is different, that we should aim to achieve, and that we can all make an impact. Upon your student’s successful completion of TEAM BLOOPER, they will receive a certificate signed by BLOOPER and the Brave’s own Freddie Freeman.

Shows are priced at $450. They are geared towards an elementary-aged audience.

"Be Brave" Show

This exciting show features BLOOPER and an emcee teaching students how to recognize various types of bullying and how to best prevent it. BLOOPER's message focuses on teaching students to be themselves, respect others, appreciate diversity, voice their concerns, and encourage others to stand up against bullying.

Shows are priced at $450 and are approximately 45 minutes long. They are geared towards an elementary-aged audience.

Hey BLOOPER! Educational Short Films

Kids can join BLOOPER as he explores his world and learns valuable lessons along the way. In each episode, BLOOPER will discover a new topic.