Watch Báez and son’s adorable cage performance

There's one thing this world needs and it's more AJ Báez content

January 9th, 2020

I've been told there are few greater joys in life than that of a parent seeing his or her kid revel in the joy of accomplishing something they set out to do.

Need proof? Look no further than Cubs shortstop stomping around the batting cage with his son after the latter crushed a ball off the tee:

The smile on AJ as he slams his bat and stomps his way down the length of the batting cage in celebration of his homer is just too cute. If you're not smiling watching him, there's probably something wrong with you. This is basically like a viral cat video, only way better.

This isn't the first time the elder Báez has shown off his parenting chops. Over the summer, he donned some blindingly bright neon shorts to spend some quality time with AJ.

Last offseason, he celebrated the return of baseball with AJ by outfitting his son with some Cubs undergarments and captured him looking absolutely adorable on the couch.

Báez's recent dad dispatch shows that the AJ content has reached new heights. Now that he's on his feet running around and swinging baseball bats, he can have so much more fun out in the world. More importantly, though, we can now have more fun watching him do all these things.

With Opening Day still months away, there's one thing this world needs and it's more AJ Báez content. Hopefully this trip to the batting cages is just the beginning.