Cubs Baseball Summer Camps


Have an unforgettable summer with Chicago Cubs Baseball Summer Camps!

The World Series Experience offers campers the unique opportunity to visit Wrigley Field, connect with their favorite team and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Our fast-paced curriculum will help youth of all skills and abilities develop on and off the field while still keeping the focus on fun.

World Series Experience Highlights*
All-Star Experience Highlights*


This year’s curriculum will focus on fast-paced competition, gamification of drills and an emphasis on creating a fun and energized experience for all players.

We divide our camp into five age-appropriate levels. Each level ramps up the speed of the game and encourages competition for each camper while keeping the game fun!


Rookies are our youngest campers. With an emphasis on fundamentals and fun, our curriculum aims to excite and engage our youngest ballplayers while educating them on baseball fundamentals.


Single-A players are a bit older and the curriculum will focus on building confidence in their skills and gameplay. While fundamentals will be reinforced, coaches will increase the pace of the game for Single-A players to add a bit more challenge to the drills and gameplay.


Double-A players, having the fundamentals down, jump into “player pitch” activities. Having gained more knowledge of the game, players will have the chance to hone in on learning and applying their unique skill set to the game in a way that best showcases their individual talents. Fast-paced and gamified drills will be the focus for these ballplayers!


Having developed even more within the game of baseball, the focus for Triple-A players switches to speeding up the game on the field and gamifying drills to continue to advance their physical and mental understanding of the game while having fun. Players at this level have a few years of experience so our coaches look to continue fostering individual skill development on the field.


As the oldest ballplayers in camp, Majors will jump into a fast-paced curriculum where they will be challenged to apply their experience and improve their skills in gameplay scenarios.

Hitting Lessons

45-minute, small group lessons where your camper will have the opportunity to focus on hitting drills and technique. These lessons can carry over into drills and competitions throughout the rest of camp and into your ballplayer’s game.

Lessons are offered Monday through Thursday and can be added during enrollment.

Please note spaces for lessons are limited.

Fielding Lessons

45-minute, small group lessons where your camper will take the field and work with our coaches on specific fielding drills to get in those extra reps and improve technique and confidence on the field.

Lessons are offered Monday through Thursday and can be added during enrollment.

Please note spaces for lessons are limited.

Blast Baseball Personal Swing Trainer

With this add-on, you and your ballplayer can track and visualize the results and metrics of their swings. The sensor attaches to the bottom of the bat and will track metrics specifically designed to help improve swing speed and bat path.

This offer is an add-on that is not incorporated into the camp day but for your camper’s continued improvement beyond camp. The swing trainer can be added during enrollment and will be shipped to you following purchase.

Morning & Afternoon Extended Day Options

Morning extended day – Join us early for Calisthenics with the Coaches beginning at 8 a.m. CT.

Afternoon Extended Day – While the camp day ends at 2:45 p.m. CT, our staff will be on-site until 6 p.m. CT for extended day participants.

These extended day options can be added during enrollment.

Please note afternoon extended hours are a convenience option and not a continuation of camp curriculum.

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