Front Office Directory

Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field
1060 West Addison Street
Chicago, IL 60613-4397

Board of Directors

Chairman - Tom Ricketts
Board of Directors - Laura Ricketts
Board of Directors - Todd Ricketts

Baseball Operations

President, Baseball Operations - Jed Hoyer
General Manager – Carter Hawkins
Assistant General Manager – Ehsan Bokhari
Assistant General Manager - Jeff Greenberg
Assistant General Manager/Vice President, Pitching - Craig Breslow
Vice President, Special Projects - Jared Banner
Director, Major League Travel and Clubhouse Operations - Vijay Tekchandani
Director, Baseball Operations - Greg Davey
Senior Advisor - Billy Williams
Senior Advisor - Randy Bush
Assistant Director, Baseball Operations Administration and Strategic Initiatives - Meghan Jones
Assistant Director, Major League Data and Development - Alex Smith
Assistant, Baseball Operations - Sam Abrams
Fellow, Baseball Operations - Bryan Guo

Player Development and Scouting

Vice President, Scouting - Dan Kantrovitz
Vice President, Player Development - Matt Dorey
Vice President, International Scouting - Louie Eljaua
Director, Player Development - Bobby Basham
Senior Director, International Player Development and Operations - Alex Suarez
Director, Hitting - Justin Stone
Director, Pro Scouting - Andrew Bassett
Pro Personnel Specialist - Nate Halm
Assistant Director, Run Production - James Adduci
Coordinator, Major League Video/Pacific Rim Liaison - Nao Masamoto
Coordinator, Minor League Administration – Allyson Darragh
Latin America Field Coordinator - Dave Keller
Outfield and Baserunning Coordinator - Doug Dascenzo
National Crosschecker - Ron Tostenson
Head of Minor League Strength & Conditioning and Performance Science – Cory Kennedy
Coordinator, Minor League Operations - Adam Unes
Assistant, International Scouting - Kenny Socorro
Director, Dominican Republic Scouting Operations/International Crosschecker - Gian Guzman
International/Global Crosschecker – Jake Nedza
Coordinator, Dominican Republic Scouting - Miguel Diaz
Minor League Equipment Manager - Dana Noeltner
Manager, Mesa Baseball Administration - Gil Passarella
Analyst, Amateur Scouting Research & Development – Jasmine Horan
Coordinator, Amateur Scouting - Scott Munson
Assistant, Amateur Scouting - Ben Kullavanijaya
Fellow, Player Development - Sarah Ketring

Research and Development

Vice President, Research & Development - Chris Moore
Director, Strategic Modeling - Jeremy Greenhouse
Director, Pro Analytics – Garrett Chiado
Assistant Director, Research and Development/Major League Strategist - Chris Jones
Assistant Director, Research & Development/Performance Science – Jacob Eisenberg
Assistant Director, Pitching Initiatives - Ryan Otero
Senior Software Engineer/Analyst, Research & Development - Eli Shayer
Analyst, Research and Development - Bryan Cole
Analyst, Research and Development - Troy Mulholland
Analyst, Research and Development – Jennifer Gossels
Manager, Baseball Systems & Technology - Kyle Chin
Software Engineer, Baseball Systems – Sami Williams
Developer, Baseball Systems - Daniel Codos
Assistant Developer, Baseball Systems - Zach Brusso
Assistant Developer, Baseball Systems - Avery Montavon
Fellow, Research and Development - Connor Rosenberg

High Performance/Medical Staff

Director, High Performance - Adam Beard
Major League Head Athletic Trainer - PJ Mainville
Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer - Chuck Baughman
Major League Assistant Athletic Trainer - Nick Frangella
Major League Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - Keegan Knoll
Major League Massage Therapist - Nate Whitney Team Physician - Stephen Adams, M.D.
Team Orthopaedist - Stephen Gryzlo, M.D.

Clubhouse Staff

Home Clubhouse Manager - Tom Hellman
Assistant Manager, Home Clubhouse - Daniel Mueller
Assistant Visiting Clubhouse Manager - Gary Stark
Home Clubhouse Assistant - Marco Herrera

Business Operations

President, Business Operations - Crane Kenney
Executive Assistant to the Chairman - Lorraine Swiatly
Executive Assistant, President Business Operations - Michele Dietz

Mesa Operations

General Manager, Mesa Spring Training
Business Operations - Justin Piper
Spring Training, Director of Facility and Fields - John Knight
Assistant Director of Spring Training Ticket & Business Operations - Justin LaLone
Manager, Fan Experience & Partnership Activation - Lauren Shadid

Strategy and Development

Executive Vice President, Business
Operations and Chief Strategy Officer - Alex Sugarman
Vice President, Strategy and Development - Jason Sondag
Director, Advanced Analytics - Chase Carpenter
Assistant Director, Strategy and Development - Catherine McManmon
Associate, Strategy and Development - CJ Raia
Financial Analyst – Quinn Ricketts
Specialist, Investor Relations & Executive Assistant - Jennifer Scarangella

Accounting, Finance

Executive Vice President, CFO - Jon Greifenkamp


Manager, Risk Management - Dino Stiris
Senior Analyst, Financial Systems and Reporting - Neal Gettling
Senior Financial Analyst - Judd Iverson
Financial Analyst - Vipul Thakker


Vice President & Controller - Melissa Shields
Assistant Controller - Danielle Lewis
Manager, Account Payable - Yanira Camacho
Manager, Audit, Tax & Technical Accounting - Shea Petersen
Manager, Finance & Accounting – Mark Kamedula
Senior Accountant - Jimmy Blodgett
Senior Accountant - Elizabeth Endy
Senior Accountant - Nicole Jones
Senior Accountant - Allison Marren
Senior Accountant - Nick Petruzzi
Senior Accountant - Joe Provenzano
Specialist, Accounts Receivable - Monique Phillips
Specialist, Payroll - Pamela Prochnow
Accounts Payable Coordinator - Cecilia Tripoli
Specialist, Investor Relations & Executive Assistant - Jennifer Scarangella


Director, Concessions & Retail - Brad Johnson

Human Resources

Senior Vice President, Human Resources - Sara Schultz
Director, Total Rewards and HR Operations - Sarah Earl
Director, Talent Acquisition - Brad Nagel
HR Business Partner - Kyndell Colgrove
HR Business Partner - Angelo Vicario
Human Resources and Compensation Analyst - Kelly Grimm
HRIS Analyst - Andrew Johnson
Coordinator, Benefits - Becky Rasor
Coordinator. Talent Acquisition – Claribel Diaz

Ballpark Operations

SVP, Operations - David Cromwell

Event Operations

Director, Event Operations and Security - Morgan Bucciferro
Manger, Event Operations - Megan Gaseor
Manager, Guest Services & Premier Operations - Jordan Dismang
Manger, Analysis & Planning Operations - Maria Sapienza
Specialist, Payroll and Administration - Kelly Bilbrey
Senior Coordinator, Major Events - Samantha Thrower


Vice President, Operations - Patrick Meenan
Assistant Director, Grounds - Roger Baird
Chief Engineer - Alex Brandt
Facility Cleaning & Maintenance Manager - Cheryl Chamberlain
Manager, Wrigley Field Grounds - Daniel Kiermaier
Senior Coordinator, Office Services - Randy Skocz
Lead Groundskeeper - Dave Wasielewski
Regular Grounds Crew - Rick Fuhs
Regular Grounds Crew - Daryl Wilson
Groundskeeper I - Graham Flora
Groundskeeper I - Levi Driesen
Groundskeeper I - Kyle Jakowitsch
Groundskeeper 1 - Kyle Mroz
Operating Engineer - Arben Azemi
Operating Engineer - Mike Fleming
Operating Engineer - Bobby Garcia
Operating Engineer - Garret Lakie
Operating Engineer - Joseph Lebarre
Operating Engineer - Joseph McCarron
Operating Engineer - Michael Rahn
Operating Engineer - Santiago Campos Ramirez
Operating Engineer - Dan Ward
Operating Engineer Trainee - Dave Sherman
Logistics Supervisor, Loading Dock & Warehouse - John Geitz
Logistics Supervisor, Loading Dock & Warehouse - Lawrence Lockridge
Logistics Supervisor, Loading Dock & Warehouse - Elliot Swiatly

Safety and Security

Vice President, Safety & Security - Doug Linsday
Manager, Safety & Security - Justin Pagan
Manager, Environmental Health and Safety - Paige Herbert
Senior Protective Service Specialist - Mario Becerra
Protective Service Specialist, Aaron Mittman
Specialist, Protective Services - Joseph Wallace
Safety & Security Officer Supervisor - Joseph Carter
Coordinator, Safety and Security Operations - Marjie McCullough
Safety & Security Supervisor - Ben Cook
Safety & Security Officer - Jacob Bishop
Safety & Security Officer - Luis Correa
Safety & Security Officer - Lorenzo Flores
Safety & Security Officer - Joe Fragassi
Safety & Security Officer - Eduardo Garcia
Safety & Security Officer - Lenell Gray
Safety & Security Officer - Jonathan Gutierrez
Safety & Security Officer - Hector Magallanes
Safety & Security Officer - Mark Moore
Safety & Security Officer - Graciela Ortiz
Safety & Security Officer - Debbie Riffert
Safety & Security Officer - Jake Schnierow
Safety & Security Officer - Mary Sullivan
Safety & Security Officer - Lindsey Villarreal


Vice President, Technology - Steve Inman

Software Development

Director, Software Development and Enterprise Data Management - Chris Brummett
Software Architect - Tom Dambra
Analyst, Business Systems Integrations - Bob Weiss
Software Engineer - Scott Johns
Database Developer - Alex Cameron
Junior Systems Engineer – Jake Nedza

Infrastructure and Operations

Director, Technology Infrastructure and Operations - Michael Papa
Systems Administrator - Sal Ares
Service Desk Coordinator - Nathan Marti
Service Desk Technician – Eliseo Barcenas

AV Infrastructure & Engineering

Senior Manager, Broadcast Engineering - Ken Jespersen

Community Affairs

EVP, Community and Government
Affairs/Chief Legal Officer - Michael Lufrano
Director, Community Affairs - Alicia Gonzalez
Assistant Director - Community Affairs & Cubs Charities - Keri Blackwell
Senior Manager, Cubs Charities Programs - Jennifer Dedes Nowak
Manager, Youth Baseball & Softball Initiatives - Chris Thompson
Manager, Government & Neighborhood Relations - Heather Way Kitzes
Manager, Fundraising and Community Events - Meredith Weber
Development Specialist, Cubs Charities – Jameela Chaudhry
Donations Administrator, Community Affairs - Kelly Welch

Senior Vice President, General Counsel - Brett Scharback
Associate General Counsel - Amy Timm
Associate General Counsel - Shameeka Quallo
Corporate Paralegal - Kathy Cooper


Senior Vice President, Communications - Julian Green
Senior Director, Communications - Lindsay Bago
Assistant Director, Public Relations - Ariana Moaveni
Manager, Communications - Monica Sharma

Media Relations

Director, Media Relations - Jason Carr
Representative, Media Relations - William Nadal

Sales and Marketing

Executive Vice President, Sales and
Marketing - Colin Faulkner
Executive Assistant, Sales and Marketing - Kelly Scoggan


Vice President, Marketing - Lauren Fritts
Senior Director, Marketing - Kelly Linstroth
Assistant Director, Broadcast Relations - Joe Rios
Assistant Director, Clubhouse Relations & Influencer Marketing - Jim Oboikowitch
Assistant Director, Creative & Content - Daniel Green
Assistant Director, Integrated Marketing - Chris Weddige
Manager, Digital Content - Nicole Bersani Zimmer
Manager, Brand Platforms & Events - Lacey Christopherson
Manager, Authentics & Archives - Patrick Manaher
Senior Coordinator, Digital Media - Emma Finkbeiner
Coordinator, Mascot - Alex Collins

Cubs Productions

Executive Producer, Cubs Productions - Matt Romito
Producer, Cubs Productions - Adam Sobel
Manager, Video Board Operations - Chris Simonson
Manager, Graphics - Kelly King
Producer/Editor, Cubs Productions - Pat Gostele
Content Producer/Cinematographer - Sam Peltz
Production Assistant - Shane Magwire
Motion Graphics Designer - Shane English
Videographer, Cubs Productions - Drew Clark
Video Editor, Cubs Productions - Corey Surratt
Coordinator, Cubs Productions – Andre Lewis

Ticket Operations

Senior Director, Ticket Operations - Anuj Patel
Manager, Wrigley Field Ticket Office - Miguel DeJesus
Coordinator, Ticket Operations - Jessica Carravallah
Coordinator, Ticket Operations - Jennifer Conlin
Coordinator, Ticket Operations – Hannah Wells

Ticket Services

Director, Ticket Service - Brian Garza
Assistant Director, Premier Service - Frank Cascella
Manager, Season Ticket Service – Hannah Hester-Goralski
Manager, Season Ticket Service - Kevin Enerson
Manager, Season Ticket Service - Karry Kerness
Account Executive, Premier Service - Zach Conti
Account Executive, Premier Service - Lindsay Nelson
Season Ticket Holder Service Representative - Regina Nicholson
Season Ticket Holder Service Representative - Lexi Paulsen
Season Ticket Holder Service Representative - Harrison Plaza
Season Ticket Holder Service Representative - Melissa Stokesberry
Season Ticket Holder Service Representative - Wesley Heidkamp
Manager, Service Center & Tour Experiences - Evan Hill

Wrigley Field Gameday Personnel

Public Address Announcer - Jeremiah Paprocki
Organist - Gary Pressy
Umpires Room Attendant - Ken Corso
Broadcaster - Jim Deshaies
Broadcaster - Jon Sciambi

Marquee 360

Senior Vice President, Marquee 360 - Cale Vennum
Vice President, Partnership Development - Andy Blackburn
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships - Alex Seyferth

Corporate Partnerships

Director, Account Management - Ryan Balogh
Account Manager - Andrea Burke
Account Manager - Jessica Malinconico
Activation Specialist, Brand Integration - Nick Siman
Activation Specialist, Growth & Development - Julia Tesoro

Corporate Partnership Development

Director, Corporate Partnership Development - Ashley Facchini
Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships - Diego Chahda
Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships - Cody Sharko
Specialist, Partnership Development - Jake Danforth

Ticket Sales

Assistant Director, Ticket Sales - Steve Brauer
Manager, Inside Sales - Aaron Klein
Manager, Business Development - Mark Dorfman
Account Executive, Business Development - Mike Sullivan
Account Executive, Business Development – Dominic Deangelo
Account Executive, Business Development – Anna Fisher
Account Executive, Business Development – Daniel Lynch
Account Executive, Business Development – Samuel Mitro
Account Executive, Business Development – Mark Turelli
Account Executive, Business Development – Callyn Voase
Ticket Sales Representative - Arianna Freedman
Ticket Sales Representative - Tom Graf
Ticket Sales Representative - Makalyn Heaslett
Ticket Sales Representative - Carter Heisinger
Ticket Sales Representative - Evan Knight
Ticket Sales Representative - Emma Reilly
Ticket Sales Representative - Blake Wilshire

Premier Sales

Account Executive Premier Sales - Tom Fitzgerald
Account Executive, Premier Sales – Katie Ottolin
Account Executive, Premier Sales - James Tuck

Event Sales

Manager, Private Events - Keshia Scott