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Diamond Improvement Grant

Thank you for your interest in Cleveland Indians Charities.

Established in 1989, Cleveland Indians Charities (CIC) is a self-sustaining charitable organization that concentrates on creative partnerships with select organizations in the community. Through fundraising, CIC provides the opportunity to jointly create and execute educational and recreational opportunities. These programs help young people learn to play the game of baseball, develop necessary life skills, learn responsibility, and develop confidence to face today's hurdles. Since 1989, CIC has donated more than $11 million to youth-oriented agencies and organizations of Northeast Ohio. CIC has established relationships with several local organizations that focus on youth education and youth recreation.

The purpose of the Diamond Improvement Grant is to assist in local league funding, programming, and the renovation of playing fields. All grants and grant amounts will be approved by Cleveland Indians Charities' Board of Directors.

Cleveland Indians Charities (CIC) receives numerous requests for funding. Special consideration will be given to:

  • Organizations whose mission is to expand and improve the quality of youth baseball and softball programs and increase participation.
  • Existing groups who have demonstrated success or have generated matching funds for baseball/softball programs.

In order to be considered for support, all organizations must target youth and meet the following criteria:

  • Assistance will be given to projects that significantly expand baseball or softball programs with achievable and measurable objectives within a specific timeframe, including a detailed action plan followed by evaluation reports.
  • The grant application and requested materials must be completed and comply with all CIC Terms and Conditions. (For example: Projects must acknowledge CIC support on all public statements/documents, as well as be audited as required by CIC.)

To ensure submissions are responded to in a timely and efficient manner, all organizations MUST include the following in their proposal:

  • Organizational mission statement
  • Organizational objectives and demographic reach (also include the number of youth you project to impact with this grant)
  • Project description
  • Funding amount required
  • A copy of your annual budget including funding sources (donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, government and special events) and your most recent financial statement
  • Itemized budget and how the money will be utilized
  • Listing of Board of Directors including all contact information (addresses and telephone numbers)
  • Contact person for the project


  • All successful applicants must sign the Letter of Agreement prior to receiving funds from CIC.
  • No multi-year commitments will be considered unless there are circumstances where it is determined that a significant impact can be made through a multi-year commitment.
  • Successful grant applications may only be awarded partial funding. For those tangible or one-time capital improvements, on-premise signage and/or naming opportunities (ie. restoration projects) must be provided.
  • Successful applicants must file a self-assessment Post Grant Report (PDF) with Cleveland Indians Charities within 90 days after the completion of the project. The final report shall evaluate the success of the project and include the budget that itemizes how funds were utilized.
  • Organizations who have received funding from CIC in previous years must re-submit a proposal each year to be eligible for repeat grants.
  • Future funding requests will not be considered from organizations with outstanding Post Grant Reports.


The Cleveland Indians Charities Board of Directors will review submissions annually. Interested organizations must submit the attached application form and requested materials.

Notification will be made within 60 days after the filing deadline.

Please print and complete the Diamond Improvement Grant Application Form  in full. Typewritten applications are preferred. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Cleveland Indians Charities
Diamond Improvement Grant
2401 Ontario Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

For questions or inquiries regarding this application, please contact Cleveland Indians Charities at 216.420.HITS.