Lindor might be next great Mets ... cameraman?

Is Mr. Smile getting into the movie business?

March 9th, 2021

You may have thought Franciso Lindor was coming to the Mets to be their new franchise shortstop. A man who can make dazzling defensive plays, hit long home runs and smile, wonderfully, while doing it all.

But instead of honing his baseball skills during Spring Training on Tuesday, Lindor looked to be practicing some other skill: his camera work. He wasn't even filming the game, just a group of people up on the berm and then the guy walking to maybe "stop for a pretzel." It was a dramatic and suspenseful piece of film, like a young Alfred Hitchcock or Quentin Tarantino.

Maybe his move to New York -- Hollywood of the East -- is really about making his own movie? He's got the thousand-watt smile, he's already referenced a classic Queens film earlier this spring and he's mastering cinematography. Who wouldn't watch a movie written, directed, filmed and starring one of the biggest stars in baseball?