Inbox: More acquisitions on deck for Rangers?

Beat reporter T.R. Sullivan answers questions from fans

January 24th, 2019
Texas Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels speaks to reporters during a baseball spring training workout, Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, in Surprise, Ariz. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)Charlie Neibergall/AP

Now that we have picked up a third baseman (), and technically have a full pitching staff, are the Rangers done picking up Major League-ready talent for 2019?
-- John E., Guthrie, Okla.

Absolutely not. The Rangers aren't even close to finishing off their bullpen and a club could put together a good one just with the free agents that are still left on the market. Left-hander Jake Diekman and right-hander Tony Barnette are on that list. The Rangers could use more depth at just about every position and even in years where they expected to be contenders, they were still signing players well into Spring Training. That will be the case this spring as well.
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What are the biggest storylines heading into Spring Training for the Rangers? And who are you targeting as some interesting players to watch during Spring Training?
-- Carlton R., Austin, Texas

The single biggest story in Spring Training will be the state of their starting rotation and if , Drew Smyly and are each fully recovered from Tommy John surgery and rehabilitation. There are two corollaries. One is it's almost impossible to believe that the Rangers are done adding starting pitching. Secondly, two interesting players to watch are left-hander and right-hander . It will be interesting to see what progress they've made and if they are close to being fully ready for the Major Leagues. Another storyline is what young pitchers impress in camp and set off the usual premature Spring Training feeding frenzy.
With Joey Gallo seemingly entrenched in left field, how secure is over at first base? How long of a leash will he get and is there anyone who could potentially push him for playing time?
-- Alex W., Austin, Texas

The Rangers are going to give Guzman every chance to lock in at first base, but it would still seem likely they will bring in some veteran depth at the position as they have done in the past with James Loney and Ike Davis. A free agent like might be what the Rangers target, but Guzman should have a "long leash."
Adrian Beltre seems to be a consensus first-ballot Hall of Famer. What do you think the odds are that he'll grab a unanimous vote as well? With Mariano Rivera finally breaking that barrier, do you think it will be easier for players like Beltre to get in unanimously?
-- Sam H., Christchurch, New Zealand

Derek Jeter is the next test for unanimity. As for Beltre, that's probably not something he can count on but, if you are elected to the Hall of Fame, your voting percentage doesn't really matter as long as your plaque is hanging in Cooperstown. Beltre will be there and first ballot is a strong possibility.
With the Cabrera signing, do you believe the club will still be looking to add a utility infielder? Or will Cabrera move around with at third while Cabrera fills in for and on their days off?
-- Jackson O., Harker Heights, Texas

You are on to something. The addition of Cabrera could be a great thing for Wisdom. Cabrera is the leading candidate to be the Rangers' third baseman. But if Wisdom has a great spring, Cabrera's versatility could prove invaluable. It would give him another role if the Rangers feel Wisdom is ready to be the starting third baseman.
If you had to predict one significant multiyear free-agent signing for the Rangers after the 2019 season, who would that be?
-- Greg McDearmon, Louisville, Ky.

It would be nice if the Rangers felt they were back in position to be more aggressive in the free-agent market. , Chris Sale and are the three starting pitchers who right now appear to be at the top of the free-agent market.
I just read the Giants are looking to unload . Any chance he could solve our third-base dilemma? I'm sure the Giants would throw in some money or maybe swap in a deal.
-- Pat Sweeney, Roselle Park, N.J.

Longoria is signed for four more years at $68.2 million and has run hot and cold offensively for the past five years. Choo is signed for two more years at $42 million and is a productive American League player who doesn't seem to be a fit for the Giants. There are circumstances in which a club might be willing to take a chance on getting four more years out of Longoria, but right now that doesn't seem to be the appropriate move for the Rangers.
Do the Rangers plan to retire Michael Young's jersey?
-- Benjamin Powell, Jefferson City, Mo.

The Rangers prevailing philosophy is that retired jerseys go only to Hall of Famers, although an exception was made for late manager Johnny Oates. It would seem curious -- if you're a longtime Rangers fan and remember back when -- that the club would retire No. 10 for Young when they did not for Jim Sundberg. Both meant a tremendous amount to the Rangers on and off the field.