Gallo asymptomatic after positive COVID-19 test

July 6th, 2020

ARLINGTON -- Rangers outfielder has tested positive for COVID-19 and is not able to work out with the team at Globe Life Field, the club announced on Monday. Gallo granted the Rangers permission to make the announcement.

Gallo is asymptomatic and told the Rangers he is feeling great. He first tested positive on June 27 and must have two negative tests over a 24-hour period before he is able to rejoin the Rangers.

“Our mindset going into this was, it’s not a matter if guys tested positive, but when,” general manager Jon Daniels said. “Obviously, this thing doesn’t discriminate whether it’s a star player or somebody trying to make the club. The key thing for us is Joey is asymptomatic and feels good.

“Based on that and some other experiences, we have read about or been told about, he should be good to go once he is cleared. That’s assuming and hoping he doesn’t develop any symptoms as we go.”

Gallo was saliva tested on June 27, the first day the Rangers could begin testing in preparation for the resumption of official workouts. That test came back positive two days later. A nasal-swab test to confirm the diagnosis was done on June 30 and came back negative, leading Rangers officials to believe the first test might have been a false positive. However, a second saliva test was done last Thursday, and that result came back positive on Sunday.

Gallo remains in quarantine at his home in Dallas.

“Obviously Joey is one of our best players, from a baseball standpoint,” Daniels said. “It’s not great. But it’s also early in the process and if this thing follows the timeline as some of the other asymptomatic cases that we are aware of, he’ll have plenty of time to be ready. I’m hopeful it’s approximately two weeks. The bulk of that time has already passed. If that does hold, he’ll be ready for the season.”

Gallo is the second Rangers player to test positive for COVID-19, along with pitcher Brett Martin. Gallo had been working out at Globe Life Field with a number of his teammates over the past two months but is the only player in that group who has tested positive.

“I’m not really concerned with the fact that Joey had been here working out because everybody who else had been here has gone through the testing procedure and has tested negative,” Daniels said. “So, I feel pretty good about that part.”

First baseman Ronald Guzmán is still waiting on the results of his initial intake testing. He is at Globe Life Field but not able to work out with rest of the team. Once players complete the initial intake testing, they are tested every other day going forward.

“From a competitive advantage standpoint, one of the single biggest factors in the outcome of the season is going to be the teams that can manage their risk best,” Daniels said. “Nobody is going to eliminate it. We’re not operating in a bubble. The teams and organizations that take it most seriously, that can put their employees at a lesser risk, where the people around the team are at lesser risk of infection, the communities that have a lesser spread -- those are all going to be real competitive advantages on the field."