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Access Guide for Guests with Disabilities

The Kansas City Royals and our staff would like to welcome you to Kauffman Stadium! We take pride in our ballpark being accessible for everyone and ensuring our guests with disabilities have an enjoyable and comfortable experience. We are always looking for ways to improve our ballpark experience and the quality of each guest's visit, so your feedback and suggestions are vital to our success.

Thank you for your continued support! Go Royals!

Accessible Parking

More than 500 reserved parking spaces are available to properly licensed or tagged vehicles for guests with disabilities. Spaces are available in all parking lots except Lot L and Lot N. A limited number of van-accessible spaces are available in each of these lots. Wheelchair ramps are present in all parking lots. The reserved spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests with disabilities, or those persons transporting a guest with a disability, should notify Royals personnel of their desire to park in a handicapped space. Those without the proper license tag or permit to park in a reserved space, but have someone who has trouble walking, should be directed to the nearest non-handicapped parking space.

The guest assistance shuttles will operate for each of the Royals 81 home games, shuttling guests with disabilities or needing physical assistance from the Truman Sports Complex parking lots to the Kauffman Stadium gates. Prior to and during the game, Guest Ambassadors provide shuttle service for guests from the parking lots. Please let your nearest parking attendant know if you are in need of golf cart assistance or guests may call the Game-day Assistance Phone Line (816-504-4040, option #5) once parked. After the event, cart shuttles pick up guests requiring assistance at all Gates (A, B, C, D, and E). All cart shuttles will drop off on the perimeter of the parking lots.

Accessible Seating/Companion Seating

Accessible seating is located on every level of the stadium in these sections:

  • Konica Minolta Diamond Club: 126-129
  • Dugout Box: 119, 124, 125, 130, 136
  • Field Box: 111
  • Outfield Box: 107, 108, 147, 148, 152
  • Sonic Slam Outfield: 103
  • Fountain Seats: 201, 202
  • Dugout Plaza: 218, 219, 225, 230, 236, 237
  • Field Plaza: 210, 211, 212, 243, 244, 245
  • Outfield Plaza: 206, 207, 208, 247, 249
  • Rivals
  • Craft and Draft
  • Loge Infield: 311, 312
  • Loge Outfield: 321
  • View Box: 420
  • View Reserved: 411, 413, 427, 428, 429

Assistive Listening Devices

Radios are available for checkout in Plaza Guest Services.

Automated Teller Machines

Cash dispensing machines are available on Plaza level at sections 221 & 234, and in the Outfield Experience behind CrownVision. An ATM is also located on the view level inside the home plate team store. Service is provided by Commerce Bank.


Captioning is available on a screen above section 104 on the Hall of Fame LED board. Sections 101/201 through 108/208 have low to zero visibility.


All concession stands are accessible and guests are encouraged to speak with the nearest Royals associate for additional assistance.

Three concession stands have been designated as "Exceptional Concession Stands" throughout the stadium, including the Price Chopper Market Place at Section 203. Staff in these concession stands have been trained on Autism Awareness and there will be reminders posted inside the concession stand on how to interact with guests with special needs. We will encourage guests on the spectrum and with other special needs to place the order themselves to practice building the social skill of making a transaction. We will also have visual menus available at these concession stands for non-verbal patrons. The locations are 116 Dugout Concourse, 203 Price Chopper Marketplace, and 323 Lexus Level.

Special Amenities Map

Dietary Restrictions

Guests with disabilities are allowed to bring in special dietary food to the ballpark. Special beverages are allowed in plastic bottles. Other requests will be treated on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the Price Chopper Marketplace at Section 203 serves gluten-free and healthy items.

Drop-off/Pick Up Areas

Fans with disabilities may be dropped off at two accessible entries into the stadium-Gates B and D. Guest Ambassadors may meet guests with disabilities at one of these areas to assist them to their seats should they request assistance. Guests who wish to use this service should tell all traffic personnel that they would like to drop off a guest with a disability at one of the above-listed areas. After dropping off the person, the driver should then park the vehicle as directed.

Electrical Outlets

Outlets are available at sections 311, 312, and 321.


Elevators: Located on both 1st and 3rd base side across from the Gate B and D spirals, and in the Konica Minolta Diamond Club lobby.

Escalators: Located on both 1st and 3rd base side across from the Gate B and D spirals, and one behind home plate.

Emergency Evacuation

Guests who have been assisted to their seats via wheelchair by Guest Ambassadors will be picked up via wheelchair as soon as possible. Ushers will also seek guests with disabilities to assist in emergency situations.

Entry and Carry in Policy

All entrances and exits are accessible throughout the stadium.

The following items are prohibited from Kauffman Stadium:

  • Bags/purses in excess of 16" x 16" x 8"
  • Backpacks in excess of 16" x 16" x 8"
  • Any drinks beside water or sports drinks (one sealed/unopened 1 liter bottle per person)
  • Weapons/fireworks (including all guns and pocket knives)
  • Items that could be projectiles
  • Cameras with 12" or more lenses
  • Banners or flags with sticks in them
  • Noisemaking devices such as cow bells, bullhorns, etc.
  • Lasers or laser pens
  • Brooms in excess of 4 feet in height
  • Hard-sided coolers of any kind
  • Anything that can obstruct a guest's view
  • Wrapped presents and/or gifts of any kind
  • Pets or animals not documented as service dogs
  • Bags will be checked by security upon entry. Security may ask fan to empty pockets and remove hats.

Metal Detection: Per MLB Security Standards, all guests will be asked to comply with metal detection screening in order to gain entrance into Kauffman Stadium. Guests who do not comply with metal detection screening will be given the alternative of a physical pat down by a security representative. Please note that metal detection screening policy is in the best interest of our guest's safety.

Fan Texting

Guests are encouraged to utilize our text assistance program during games by texting "ASSIST" with Location and Issue to 42682. Also, guests can tweet at our Guest Services Twitter handle @RoyalsAssist or request assistance through the MLB Ballpark App.

First Aid

The main First Aid office is located on Plaza Level behind the Konica Minolta Diamond Club Lobby. The secondary First Aid office is located on View Level behind section 420. All First Aid services are provided by the University of Kansas Hospital.

Guest Services

Our Guest Ambassadors assist guests with special needs and disabilities to ensure a comfortable experience on game days. Prior to and during the game, Guest Ambassadors provide shuttle service for guests from the parking lots to the stadium gates. Guests may call the Game Day Assistance Phone Line (816-504-4040, option #5) once parked or let the closest parking lot attendant know they are in need of a shuttle. Guest Ambassadors also provide wheelchair service inside each gate to assist guests to their seats. After the event, golf cart shuttles pick up guests requiring assistance from all Gates (A, B, C, D, and E) to the parking lots. All cart shuttles drop off on the perimeter of the parking lots after the game. For more information or assistance, guests can contact the Guest Experience Department at or 816-504-4204. Guests may also visit any Guest Services office during the game for assistance.

Noise Reducing Headphones

Noise Reducing Headphones will be available for checkout at both of our Guest Services locations across from the Konica Minolta Diamond Club Entrance on Plaza Level and across from Section 421 on View Level.

Public Transportation

Cabs are available on Lancer Lane between Gates A and B and also on Red Coat Drive between Gates D and E after games conclude on a first-come first-serve basis. Guests may go to Guest Services to order a cab as well.

Quiet Zones

A map of best quiet spaces throughout the stadium is available below.

Special Amenities Map

Restrooms/Family Restrooms

Restrooms are located conveniently at all levels of the ballpark. Family restrooms are located at section 115, 140, 201, 210, 218, 237, 245, 252, 305, 320.

Service Animals

Guests with disabilities or with valid reasons approved by Royals guest services management are permitted to bring service animals into the Truman Sports Complex and Kauffman Stadium. Please note that no pets/animals are allowed into the Truman Sports Complex or inside Kauffman Stadium unless they are service animals. The service animals relief area is located in the grassy areas by Gates A and E. Guests are encouraged to clean up after their service animals.

Stadium Seating Chart

For more detailed information, visit the Kauffman Stadium Seating Map.


All suites are handicap accessible and have a removable seat for wheelchair access. Triple Crown and Dugout Suites have private restrooms.


Kauffman Stadium does not have pay phones, but guests needing to place calls may visit Guest Services on Plaza or View Level to make calls.

Ticket Information

Arrangements for wheelchair seating areas may be made in advance by calling the Royals Charge Card Line at 1-800-6-ROYALS (676-9257) and are subject to ticket availability. These seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Accessible ticket windows are available day of game at all gates and at the Future Ticket Window inside the stadium in between First Aid and the Gate D spiral on Plaza Level.

Water Fountains

All water fountains are fully accessible. Sections 203, 210, 221, 234 (close to elevator), 244, 252, 409, 419, 420, 421, 431.

Wheelchair Services

Guest Ambassadors are available at each gate to provide wheelchair escorts to and from seats. Wheelchairs must be returned once the guest has reached his or her seat so they are available to assist other guests. Outlets are available at sections 311, 312, and 321.


The Kansas City Royals take pride in continually improving stadium accessibility. It is our goal to make sure everyone is able to enjoy Royals baseball in a safe and comfortable environment. Please feel free to email or call (816) 504-4040 Option #5 with any comments or suggestions on how we can improve your experience.