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Digital Ticketing

All Season Ticket plans will continue to utilize Digital tickets for the 2017 season. Digital ticketing allows Season Ticket Members to view their season ticket plans online, electronically transfer tickets to partners, friends and colleagues, and it provides an excellent opportunity to resell tickets directly through StubHub.

To access your My Royals Ticket Account, use the link below: Ballpark app

You can also manage your tickets at any time through the Ballpark app. Log in to your My Royals Tickets account through the app to forward tickets or scan your tickets at the gates.

Season Ticket Member Parking

Guaranteed Giveaways

No Longer Available to Purchase for the 2018 Season

Three Ways to Renew

Ticket Exchange Program

All Full (81) and Half (41) Season Ticket Members will have access to our Live Ticket Exchange Program. Using the Live Ticket Exchange Program, you can exchange tickets prior to the game you are unable to attend for a future game date. Along with the Season Ticket Redemption Program, this benefit provides you with the ability to utilize all tickets in your season ticket plan.

Redemption Program

The Unused Season Ticket Redemption Program will be available to all Season Ticket Members for the 2017 season. For a select number of games you can redeem your unused tickets at a deeply discounted rate through the Ticket Services Department.

Complete your 2018 Royals Season Ticket purchase by choosing one of the two payment options.