Front Office Directory

Senior Administration

Title Name
Chairman and CEO John Sherman
Executive Vice President and General Manager J.J. Picollo
President - Business Operations Brooks Sherman
Executive Vice President - Chief Commercial and Community Impact Officer Sarah Tourville
Sr. Vice President/Chief Legal Officer Adam P. Sachs
Chief Operating Officer Jason Sinnarajah


Title Name
Sr. Vice President - Major League and International Operations/Assistant GM Rene Francisco
Sr. Vice President/Assistant GM Scott Sharp
Vice President - Chief Financial Officer Whitney Beaver
Vice President - Ticket Operations Anthony Blue
Vice President - Baseball Operations George Brett
Vice President - Major League Team Operations Jeff Davenport
Vice President - People and Culture Iris Edelen
Vice President - Player Personnel Lonnie Goldberg
Vice President - Technology & Business Analytics Brian Himstedt
Vice President - Research & Development/Assistant GM Dr. Daniel Mack
Vice President - Community Impact Luis Maes
Vice President - Communications Sam Mellinger
Vice President - Ballpark Operations Isaac Riffel
Vice President - Corporate Partnerships Alex Schulte
Vice President - Pine Tar Collective Tony Snethen
Vice President - Major League Scouting/Assistant GM Gene Watson
Vice President - Baseball Administration/Assistant GM Jin Wong

Baseball Operations

Title Name
Executive Vice President/General Manager J.J. Picollo
Sr. VP, Major League Operations/Assistant GM Scott Sharp
Vice President - Baseball Administration/Assistant GM Jin Wong
Executive Assistant to the General Manager Emily Penning
Assistant Director - Player Development Malcom Culver
Baseball Operations Assistant Jared Hinton
Assistant Director - Minor League & International Operations Kristin Lock
Vice President - Player Personnel Lonnie Goldberg
Vice President - Research & Development/Assistant GM Dr. Daniel Mack
Director - Player Development Mitch Maier
Director - Baseball Operations/Amateur Scouting Jack Monahan
Sr. Director - Behavioral Sciences Ryan Maid
Lead Developer Paul Turner
Developer Jennifer Segelke
Sr. Developer Joseph San Diego
Front-End Developer Erin Messel
Analyst - Research & Development Robyn Wampler
Analyst - Research & Development/Player Development Brandon Nelson
Analyst - Research & Development/Amateur Scouting Rob Sorge
Analyst - Research & Development Hailey Yabroudy
Analyst - Research & Development Alan Kohler
Analyst - Research & Development Grace Rieger
Sr. Director - Performance Science Austin Driggers
Director - Minor League Operations Nick Leto
Director - Arizona Operations Will Simon
Director - Professional & Sport Development Jeff Diskin
Vice President - Major League Scouting/Assistant GM Gene Watson
Special Assistant to the GM/Infield Coordinator Rafael Belliard
Special Assistant to Baseball Operations/Leadership Development Willie Aikens
Special Assistant to Baseball Operations/Leadership Development Blaine Boyer
Special Assistant to Baseball Operations/Leadership Development Reggie Sanders
Special Assistant to Baseball Operations/Leadership Development Mike Sweeney
Special Assistant to the General Manager/Player Development Chino Cadahia
Special Assistant to the GM Tim Conroy
Special Assistant to the GM/Quality Control Rusty Kuntz
Special Assistant to the GM Tom McNamara
Special Assistant to the General Manager Don Poplin
Special Assistant to the General Manager/Player Personnel Louie Medina
Sr. Advisor to the General Manager/Scouting & Player Development Mike Arbuckle
Sr Advisor to Baseball Operations Roy Clark
Sr. Director - Pitching Performance Paul Gibson
Sr. Director - Leadership & Cultural Development Matt Marasco
Director - Scouting Danny Ontiveros
Director - Hitting Performance Drew Saylor
Coordinator - Pacific Rim Phil Dale
Manager - Sport Development/Softball Casey Borovac
Manager - Sport Development/Baseball Shon Plack
Manager - Sport Development/Sports Medicine Dylan Wilson
Coordinator - Sport Development Andrew Richards

Major League Medical Staff

Title Name
Head Team Physician Dr. Vincent Key
Director - Medical Services Nick Kenney
Head Athletic Trainer Kyle Turner
Assistant Athletic Trainer Chris Delucia
Major League Rehab Coordinator Jeff Blum
Manual Therapist/Second Assistant Athletic Trainer Dave Iannicca
Strength & Conditioning Coach Ryan Stoneberg
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Luis Perez
Director - Sports Nutrition Erika Wincheski
Associate Physician Dr. Mitch Birt
Associate Physician Dr. Jacob Brubacher
Associate Physician Dr. Joseph Noland
Physician Emeritus Dr. Steven Joyce
Team Chiropractor Patrick Hammond, D.C.

Major League Support Staff

Title Name
Vice President - Major League Team Operations Jeff Davenport
Sr. Advisor - Clubhouse Operations Chuck Hawke
Manager - Equipment Patrick Gorman
Manager - Clubhouse and Umpire Services Tom Walsh
Manager - Visiting Clubhouse Levi Noble
Sr. Clubhouse Assistant - Administration Tyler Agenter
Sr. Clubhouse Assistant - Operations Jake Van Oeveren
Sr. Clubhouse Assistant - Umpire Services Brett Pener
Major League Video Coordinator Ethan Blouin
Major League Video Assistant/Minor League Video Coordinator Brendan Sexton
Major League Advance Scouting/Instant Replay Coordinator Bill Duplissea
Bullpen Catcher Parker Morin
Bullpen Catcher Allan de San Miguel
Batting Practice Pitcher Miguel Garcia
Major League Rehab Coach Ryan Eigsti
Manager - Culinary Services T.J. Stack

Business Operations

Title Name
Director - Authentic Merchandise Sales Ashley Ficken
Coordinator - Authentic Merchandise Cory Chlebicki
Director - Risk Management Patrick Fleischmann
Vice President - Chief Financial Officer Whitney Beaver
Director of Finance Sarah Kongs
Manager of Finance Heath Bieker
Manager of Accounting April Peterson
Accounting Analyst Haley Russell
Staff Accountant Jeannie Kenyon
Accounts Payable Coordinator Jonlyn Pierce
Senior Director - Payroll Jodi Parsons
Manager of Total Rewards Katie Ashcraft
Human Resources Generalist Troirica Brown
Recruiter McKenzy Higgins
C-Suite Executive Assistant Andi Feeley
Controller Luke Franken
Payroll Coordinator Marcia Tillery


Title Name
Vice President - Technology & Business Analytics Brian Himstedt
Director - Business Analytics Daniel Sommerhauser
Director - Business Data Architecture Collin Brody
Director - Business Solutions Brian Desch
Director - Infrastructure & Operations Mitchell McDaniel
Team Lead - Infrastructure & Operations Barry Chambers
End User Support Specialist Joey Leckbee
End User Support Specialist Skyler Miller
Engineer - Audio/Visual William Cunningham
Business Analytics Software Engineer Haley Ness

Ticket Operations

Title Name
Vice President - Ticket Operations Anthony Blue
Director - Ticket Operations Chris Darr
Sr. Manager - Ticket Operations Edward Chiu
Manager - Ticket Solution & Services Kyle Armstrong
Coordinator - Vault Services Jacque Tschirhart

Communications & Broadcasting

Title Name
Vice President - Communications Sam Mellinger
Announcer Denny Matthews
Announcer Steve Stewart
Announcer Jake Eisenberg
Announcer Ryan Lefebvre
Announcer Rex Hudler
Announcer Joel Goldberg
Announcer Jeff Montgomery
Announcer Mike Sweeney
Announcer Jeremy Guthrie
Sr. Director - Communications Strategist Sharita Hutton
Senior Advisor of Communications & Broadcasting Mike Swanson
Director - Media Relations Nick Kappel
Assistant Director - Media Relations Ian Kraft
Manager - Media Relations Logan Jones
Producer/Engineer Eric Guthrie

Pine Tar Collective

Title Name
Vice President - Pine Tar Collective Tony Snethen
Group Director - Branded Content & Innovation Scott Lichtenauer
Senior Director - Content Strategy & Emerging Tech Erin Sleddens
Manager - Digital & Social Media Jesse Clark
Coordinator - Social Media Kyle Reeves
Sr. Manager - Media & Channel Breckyn Crocker
Manager - Digital Products & Emerging Tech Carolina Mach
Creative Director Caitlin Wienck
Associate Director Creative Operations Angie Wallace
Graphic Designer Robbie Poulain
Junior Graphic Designer Brennan Pearson
Junior Graphic Designer Hannah Simonson
Editor/Animator Jonathan Hanes
Copywriter Brayden Presley
Team Photographer Jason Hanna
Senior Director - Integrated Production and Game Entertainment Steven Funke
Director - Content Creation Jana Patton
Director - Scoreboard Operations Zach Weaver
Coordinator - Scoreboard Operations Bradford Ross
Stadium/Digital Host Carrie Lippert-Gillaspie
Executive Producer Jeff Piper
Senior Producer Sam Lutz
Content Producer - Motion Graphics/Video Editor Max Lehman
Director - Events & Activations Nicole Averso
Manager of Activations and Giveaways Mitchell Emberson
Sr. Manager - Special Events Megan Rowe
Manager - Game Entertainment Chandra Stadtmueller
Coordinator - Game Entertainment Annie O'Neill
Mascot Bradley Collins

Corporate Partnerships & Client Services

Vice President - Corporate PartnershipsAlex Schulte
Senior Director - Partnership DevelopmentDavid Adams
Director - Partnership DevelopmentBrian Mather
Senior Manager - Partnership DevelopmentKalyn Soltice
Manager - Partnership DevelopmentDesmond Banks
Director - Partnership MarketingSteve Garvey
Account Director - Partnership MarketingTaylor Heiman
Sr. Account Manager - Partnership MarketingMatt Schulte
Sr. Account Manager - Partnership MarketingPatrick Stacy
Account Manager - Partnership MarketingEvan Butterfield
Account Manager - Partnership MarketingCourtney Shivers
Coordinator - Partnership MarketingMaritza Chavez
Coordinator - Partnership MarketingMike Rodgers

To contact a member of the Corporate Partnerships department, please email [email protected].

Ticket Sales & Service

Title Name
Director - New Sales & Development Adam Cain
Director - Premium Retention and Sales Jeff Close
Manager - New Business Development Spencer Thomas
Account Executive - New Business Alex Hobelmann
Account Executive - New Business Mike Turner
Account Executive - New Business Zachary Seaman
Account Executive - New Business Mark Zimmerman
Account Executive - New Business Christopher Gilvens
Manager - Sales Academy Michelle Sullivan
Manager - Group Retention & Sales Jennifer McCarty
Account Executive - Group Retention & Sales David Lees
Account Executive - Group Retention & Sales Tyler Belvin
Account Executive - Group Retention & Sales Shelby Denman
Sr. Director - Sales & Services Kayla Shively
Manager - Membership Services and Sales Nate Kissell
Senior Account Executive - Premium Services Jamie Johnson
Senior Account Executive - Membership Services Ryan Ziegler
Account Executive - Membership Services Michael Matthews
Account Executive - Membership Services Clay Koellner
Account Executive - Membership Services Bryce Baumwart

Ballpark Operations & Development

Title Name
Director of Event Operations Bryan Ross
Manager - Ballpark Security Joe Rooney
Assistant Manager - Ballpark Security Cheryl Sutton
Senior Director - Stadium Engineering Todd Burrow
Sr. Lead - Technician Rick Bobki
Lead - Mechanical Technician Dennis Miller
Lead Electrician Robert James
Painter Scott Williams
Stadium Operations Technician - Food Tech Randolph Graham
Technician - Ballpark Operations Byron Clark
Technician - Ballpark Operations Scott Green
Stadium Operations Coordinator Lauren Cowden
Director - Stadium Services Johnny Williams
Manager - Ballpark Services Jarrett Alley
Assistant Manager - Ballpark Services Dakota Crump
Manager - Parking and Transportation DJ Breitbach

Event Operations & Guest Experience

Title Name
Director - Guest Experience Nick Pieroni
Event Operations Coordinator Jennifer Guinty

Groundskeeping & Landscaping

Title Name
Senior Director - Groundskeeping & Landscaping Trevor Vance
Director - Groundskeeping Shane Montgomery
Senior Manager - Groundskeeping Johnnie Reed
Assistant - Groundskeeping Anthony Bruce
Coordinator - Facilities and Grounds Clint Elder

Community Impact

Title Name
Vice President - Community Impact Luis Maes
Senior Director - Community Impact Amy Gale
Director - Community Partnerships & Events Chris Major
Manager - Community Programs Jonathan Rosa
Coordinator - Community Investments/UYA Ashley Newman
Coordinator - Royals Charities Kristen Nett
Coordinator - Education Emerson Peavey
Sr. Director - Hall of Fame Curt Nelson
Director - Hall of Fame/Educational Programs Jill Seib-Schaub
Coordinator - Stadium Tours and Ballpark Experiences Colby Curry
Facilities & Operations Manager Brett Teel
Program Manager/Field Coordinator Eddie Rodriguez
Coordinator - Crown Schools & Science of Sport Chase Bloch
Coordinator - Urban Youth Academy Preston Ellsworth
Coordinator - Community Partnership Events Darian Frost

Major League Baseball

Title Name
Senior Executive Editor Jim Banks
Senior Editor Chris Shaeffer
Director, Club Marketing Daniel Martinez Clavijo
Manager, Digital Production Carlos Ruiz