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Royals Corporate Partnerships

Royals Corporate Partnerships
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Better Together

Corporate Partnerships - Better Together
Corporate Partnerships - Better Together
Corporate Partnerships - Better Together


Your Brand & The Royals

We aim to be a connected brand.

Connected brands don’t bend to culture.
They make it.

Getting attention takes more than ads. Don’t just talk. Have something to say. Champion people, not just transactions. People don’t have time for boring brands.

A Pathway to Deeper Connections

This is How We Connect Your Brand to Royals Fans

Proven Results

Corporate Partnerships - Shut out the Stigma

Shut Out the Stigma was originally created to use the Kansas City Royals and Blue The Open Letter Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City’s platforms to raise awareness for behavioral health. Now in its third year, we’re turning our focus to the toxicity in youth sports.

With our Open Letter project, we’re using real words from real youth athletes in the Kansas City area to draw attention to how parents speak with their children. This approach provides a voice for kids who otherwise wouldn’t speak up.

Not Good Enough is a documentary that addresses how the pressure parents and coaches put on their youth athletes can lead to real behavioral health issues in the future. This multi-part and multi-faceted film explores the problem, but also the solution in a compelling narrative meant to drive change. Our goal is to create a film that’s mandatory viewing for youth sports parents and coaches.

Corporate Partnerships - Proven Results Blue KC
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