Kershaw's kids adorably interrupt Zoom

Clayton Kershaw is every parent trying to do their job on Zoom

October 26th, 2020

During quarantine, nearly every parent has experienced it: having their Zoom work calls interrupted by their kids. Maybe they're yelling something about boogers in the background, throwing a soccer ball off the laptop or, most notably, suddenly appearing in the screen.

There's no escaping it, no matter how important your job is. Even when, you know, you just pitched in Game 5 of the World Series.

Yes, even Clayton Kershaw is not immune. He and his wife, Ellen, have three kids, and here it seems that the two older ones -- Charley and Cali Ann -- found their way into the Zoom room.

Cali Ann's appearance is almost like that Austin Powers fake elevator scene or the David Robinson GIF. It's perfect.

Charley could not stop laughing.

If the Dodgers do win it all, I say we get Cali Ann and Charley at the Zoom podium and ask them what they think. Clayton can videobomb if he wants, but he shouldn't.