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Front Office Directory

Executive Officers

President & CEO: Stan Kasten

President, Baseball Operations: Andrew Friedman

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer: Bob Wolfe

President, Business Enterprise: Tucker Kain

Executive Vice President & General Counsel: Sam Fernandez

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer: Lon Rosen

Special Advisor to the Chairman: Tommy Lasorda

Owner & Chairman: Mark Walter

Owner: Earvin 'Magic' Johnson

Owner: Todd Boehly

Owner: Robert 'Bobby' Patton, Jr.

Owner: Peter Guber

Owner: Billie Jean King

Owner: Ilana Kloss

Owner: Robert Plummer

Owner: Alan Smolinisky

Executive Office

Executive Assistant to President & CEO: Cheryl Rampy

Administrative Assistant to EVP/CMO & CFO: Jessica Park

Assistant to Tommy Lasorda: Felipe Ruiz

Baseball Operations

Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations: Josh Byrnes

Vice President & Assistant General Manager: Brandon Gomes

Vice President & Assistant General Manager: Jeffrey Kingston

Vice President, Amateur & International Scouting: David Finley

Vice President, International Scouting: Ismael Cruz

Vice President, Player Personnel: Galen Carr

Vice President, Amateur Scouting: Billy Gasparino

Sr. Director, Baseball Administration: Ellen Harrigan

Sr. Director, Team Travel : Scott Akasaki

Director of Specialized Performance Programs: Eric Potterat

Director, Baseball Development and Scouting: Alex Slater

Director, Baseball Resources: Duncan Webb

Director, Quantitative Analysis: Scott Powers

Director, Player Development: William Rhymes

Director, Performance Science: Megan Schroeder

Director, Clubhouse Operations: Alex Torres

Director, Baseball Systems: Brian McBurney

Director, Baseball Platform Systems: John Focht

Assistant Director, Player Development: Matt McGrath

Special Assistant to the GM: Pat Corrales

Special Assistant to the General Manager: Raul Ibanez

Special Assistant, Baseball Operations: Joel Peralta

Special Assistant, Player Personnel: Jose Vizcaino

Senior Scouting Advisor, Dominican Republic: Ralph Avila

Senior Developer II, Baseball Systems: Jonathan Funkhouser

Developer, Performance Science Applications: Timothy Reen

Senior Analyst, Performance Science: David Hill

Coordinator, Strong Mind Program: A.J. Lalonde

Minor League Medical Coordinator: Kevin Orloski

Minor League Performance Coordinator: Brian Stoneberg

Field Coordinator: Clayton McCullough

Manager, Minor League Administration: Adriana Urzua

Manager, Visiting Clubhouse: Mitch Poole

Manager, Umpires Clubhouse: Jerry Turner

Clubhouse Assistant Manager: Jose Castillo

Senior Data Engineer: Drew Troxell

Coordinator, Baseball Analytics: Ben Zauzmer

Senior Analyst, Biomechanical Quantitative: Emilee Fragapane

Coordinator, Baseball Operations: Ethan Levitt

Coordinator, Baseball Contracts & Finance: Albert Gilbert

Coordinator, Professional Scouting: Lucas Geoghegan

Senior Analyst, Performance Science: Jason Gilberg

Senior Quantitative Analyst: Nicholas Kapur

Senior Quantitative Analyst: Jacob Coleman

Quantitative Analyst: Yuji Akimoto

Quantitative Analyst: Justin Williams

Quantitative Analyst: Esteban Navarro Garaiz

Quantitative Researcher: Max Weinstein

Analyst, Baseball Operations: Michael Voltmer

Developer, Baseball Systems: Ryan Casey

Junior Data Engineer: Clayton Green

Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting: Zachary Fitzpatrick

Manager, International Scouting: Francisco J. Camps

Video Coordinator: Chad Chop

Major League Video/Replay Coordinator: Jonathan Rhymes

Coordinator, Baseball Operations: Craig Weinhaus

Assistant, Player Development: James Weilbrenner

Coordinator, Performance Science: Joe Harrington

Coordinator, Performance Operations: Will Ireton

Business Development & Analytics

Vice President, Business Development & Analytics: Royce Cohen

Director, Business Development & Analytics: Gabe Gershenfeld

Director, Business Analytics: Michael Spetner

Manager, Business Development & Analytics: Kevin Liu

Manager, Business Data Systems: Kenji Sekino

Manager, Fan Development: Claire Duvendeck

Coordinator, Business Data Systems: Shayan Masooman

Business Analyst: Armen Avetisyan

Business Analyst: Alison Walker

Program Coordinator: Allison Cook

Camelback Ranch - Glendale

Minor League Equipment Manager: Troy Timney

Educational Coordinator: Catalina Lara

Assistant Equipment Manager: Steve Moravecek

Assistant, Arizona Operations: Matt Peabody

Assistant, Minor League Video: Charles Wagner

Assistant: James Walbrenner

Campo Las Palmas

Senior Facility Manager, Campo Las Palmas: Jesus Negrete

Manager, Campo Las Palmas: Marian Vasquez

Operations Coordinator, Campo Las Palmas: Jose Vargas

Clubhouse Manager: Julio Martinez

Community Relations

Vice President, External Affairs & Community Relations: Naomi Rodriguez

Senior Manager, Government & Neighborhood Affairs: Patricia Whelan

Community Relations & Minor League Instructor: "Sweet" Lou Johnson

Coordinator, Community & Government Relations: Erika Sanchez

Coordinator, Community Relations: Gabriel Osollo

Coordinator, Community: Noelle Bailey

Coordinator, Community Relations: Karla Maynez

Finance & Accounting

Vice President, Finance: Eric Hernandez

Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis: Gregory Buonaccorsi

Director, Purchasing: Lisa McShane

Controller: Sara Curran

Financial Analyst: Max Charnas

Manager, Accounts Payable: Dalet Gomez

A/P Coordinator: Mathew Tiffer

Staff Accountant: Stephanie L. Acosta

Ticket Accountant: Jocelyne Alva

Accounting Manager: Chad Luebke

Payroll Manager: Angelica Romero

Payroll Coordinator: Rebecca Alvarez

Purchasing Agent: Amy Perez

Global Partnerships

Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships: Michael Wandell

Vice President, Global Partnerships: Corey Norkin

Senior Director, Global Partnership Administration & Services: Jenny Oh

Senior Director, Marketing Solutions: Matt Grable

Director, Global Partnership Services: Corey Schimmel

Director, Global Partnerships: Brett McGrew

Assistant Director, Global Partnership Services: Kristen Jareck

Manager, Global Partnerships: Sara Aguirre

Coordinator, Marketing Solutions: Michael Freedman

Coordinator, Global Partnership Services: Gabrielle Valerio

Sales Coordinator, Global Partnerships: Kimberly Kurata

Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources: Marilyn Davis

Senior Director, Human Resources: Leonor Romero

Senior Manager, Human Resources: Denise Ortega

Coordinator, Human Resources: Irma Duenas

Coordinator, Human Resources: Sabrina Gallardo

Human Resources Assistant - Amanda Cruz

Receptionist: Lucy Valdez

Receptionist: Dolores Buonauro

Information Technology

Vice President, Information Technology: Ralph Esquibel

IT, Infrastructure Architect: Debra Jorgensen

IT, Application Development Manager: Christian Gallardo

IT, Operations Director: Hisayo Yoshiike

IT, Infrastructure Administrator: Alvin Yang

IT, Venue Systems Support Specialist: Bhaumik Prajapati

IT, Desktop Technician: Saqib Bahadar

IT, Ops System Administrator: Edwin Alvarado

IT, Infrastructure Manager: Edgar Vega Castro

IT, Service Desk Manager: Christi Brown

IT, Business Administrator: Aviana Dominguez

Associate General Counsel: Chad Gunderson

Associate General Counsel: Daniel Martens

Sr. Director Risk Management: Michelle Darringer

Administrative Assistant: Debra Welsford

Marketing, Communications & Broadcasting

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Broadcasting: Erik Braverman

Vice President, Digital Strategy: Caroline Morgan

Senior Director, Public Relations: Joe Jareck

Senior Director, Broadcast Engineering: Tom Darin

Senior Director, Graphic Design: Ross Yoshida

Executive Producer, Los Angeles Dodgers Productions: Greg Taylor

Senior Director, Marketing, Advertising & Promotions: Shelley Wagner

Assistant Director, Public Relations: Jon Chapper

Senior Manager of Broadcast Traffic: Nancy Morataya

Senior Motions Graphic Designer: Kevin Cook

Senior Manager of Production: Erick Vazquez

Manager, Photography: Jon Soo Hoo

Manager, Public Relations: Jesus Quinonez

Manager, Public Relations: Juan Dorado

Manager, Digital Strategy and Influence: Desiree Juarez

Social Media Manager: Sue Jo

Editor, Digital & Print Publications: Rowan Kavner

Manager, Digital Marketing: Steve Moss

Manager, Marketing & Promotions: Rena Troldahl

Coordinator, Social Media: Alexander Perez

Team Historian & Publications Editor: Mark Langill

Producer/Engineer, Spanish Radio: Efren Meza

Producer/Engineer, English Radio: Duane McDonald

Producer/Editor: Nicholas Gresham

Game Day Producer/Editor: Marty Messer

Senior Coordinator, Graphic Design: Antonio Gandara Rivera

Coordinator, Marketing and Promotional Giveaways: Brendan McKendry

Coordinator, Public Relations: Ally Salvage

Junior Coordinator, Graphic Design: Jayme Rosenstock

Junior Motions Graphic Artist: Mario Toledo

Medical Staff

Director, Player Health: Ronald Porterfield

Head Athletic Trainer: Neil Rampe

Director, Player Performance: Brandon McDaniel

Director, Performance Rehabilitation / Major League Athletic Trainer: Andrew Hauser

Assistant Athletic Trainer: Thomas Albert

Head Team Physician: Dr. Neal ElAttrache

Major League Strength & Conditioning: Travis Smith

Soft Tissue Specialist: Yosuke Nakajima

Coordinator, Medical & Billing: Andrew Otovic


Vice President, Merchandise: Allister Annear

Senior Director, Retail Operations: Veronica Huerta

Senior Manager, Retail Operations: Leticia Pedro

Senior Warehouse Manager: Pedro Avila

Manager Merchandising: Lilia Cuevas

Manager, Retail Operations: Jeanine Flores

Assistant Manager, Warehouse: Michael Reyes

Assistant Manager, Retail Operations: Brenda Valdez

Assistant Manager, Visual Merchandising: Kimberly Razo

Retail Lead: Priscilla Godinez

Retail Lead: Kimberly Robinson

Retail Lead: Rachel Thompson

Retail Associate: Anthony Aguilar

Retail Associate: Alejandro Corona Loya

Retail Associate: Nilo Laguerta

Retail Associate: Chris Maxwell

Retail Associate: Harvey Palmer

Retail Associate: Juan Perez

Retail Associate: Mason Perez

Retail Associate: Jose Villa

Retail Associate: Charles Wheeler

Planning & Development

Senior Vice President, Planning & Development: Janet Marie Smith

Director, Planning & Development: Derek O'Hara

Design Manager: Daniel Fetcho

Project Supervisor: Emily Walthouse

Planning and Design Coordinator: Tahlor Cleveland

Premium Sales & Services

Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Premium Sales & Services: Antonio Morici

Vice President, Premium Sales & Services: Craig Sindici

Director, Premium Sales & Services: Bobby Mayorga

Senior Manager, Premium Services: Justine Woerner

Manager, Premium Services: Patricia Romero

Senior Account Executive, Premium Sales: James Burns

Senior Account Executive, Premium Sales: Kyle Hart

Account Executive, Premium Sales: Jason Campbell

Coordinator, Premium Services: Gabriela Marquez

Ticket Sales & Services

Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Premium Sales & Services: Antonio Morici

Executive Director, Ticket Sales and Service: Wade Graf

Director, Membership Services: Ashley Galbraith

Director, New Business Development: Allen Jabero

Director, Inside Sales: Patrick Simon

Director, Group Sales: Sebastian Rivas

Supervisor, Group Sales: Sammy Park

Account Executive, New Business Development: Josh Bertsch

Account Executive, New Business Development: Tyler Bunderson

Account Executive, New Business Development: Jeffrey Carr

Account Executive, New Business Development: Jake Smith

Account Executive, New Business Development: Jordan Wiley

Account Executive, New Business Development: Nicholas Xepoleas

Account Executive, Group Sales: Daniella Baltazar

Account Executive, Group Sales: Jackson Saldana

Account Executive, Group Sales: Jacob Patterson

Account Executive, Group Sales: Lucas Sardo

Account Executive, Group Sales: Rachel Loera

Account Executive, Membership Services: Gerson Pineda

Account Executive, Membership Services: Kaitlyn Cozens

Account Executive, Membership Services: Oscar Gomez

Account Executive, Membership Services: Dylan Helme

Account Executive, Membership Services: Tommy Massari

Account Executive, Membership Services: Zoe Harmon

Account Executive, Membership Services: Mercedes Pineda

Coordinator, Ticket Sales & Service: Lauren Rojo

Coordinator, Membership & Fan Loyalty: Ashley Errett

Inside Sales Representative: Callin Beadles

Inside Sales Representative: Gina Britton

Inside Sales Representative: Bruno Cavelier

Inside Sales Representative: Cameron Collins

Inside Sales Representative: Laurel Farmiloe

Inside Sales Representative: Megan Imamura

Inside Sales Representative: Bryce Only

Inside Sales Representative: Mark Pena

Inside Sales Representative: Bryson Pharis

Inside Sales Representative: Marcus Slane

Inside Sales Representative: Victoria Soto

Game Day Personnel

Official Scorers: Jerry White, Ed Munson

Public Address Announcer: Todd Leitz

Stadium Operations & Security

Senior Vice President, Stadium Operations: Joseph Crowley

Vice President, Security & Guest Services: Shahram Ariane

Director, Facilities: David Edford

Director, Grounds: Jordan Lorenz

Manager, Transportation: Arnold Douglass

Manager, Landscape: Chaz Perea

Manager, Stadium Operations Administration: Brandi Trevino

Manager, Special Event Sales: Kristi Schaffter

Manager, Security: Brian Kealey

Manager, Ushers & Ticket Takers: Merley Neal

Manager, Fan Services: Patrick O'Donnell

Assistant Manager, Security & Guest Services: Steven Cohen

Assistant Manager, Security & Guest Services: Rose Cohen

Assistant Manager, Security & Guest Services: Bryan Woo

Assistant Manager, Security & Guest Services: Thomas Garcia

Assistant Manager, Security & Guest Services: Rosalio Correa

Supervisor, Tours & Special Events: Kayla Rodiger

Coordinator, Tours & Special Events: Brittany Bonilla

Supervisor, Grounds Crew: Justin Patenaude

Executive Assistant, Security: Cindy Carrasco

Administrative Assistant: Monica Salazar

Utility: Kevin Waters

Painter: Julio Alveno

Mechanic: Mike Aguirre

Plumber: Doug Potter

Stadium Operations Assistant: Brian Garcia

Stadium Operations Assistant: David D'Auteuil

Receiving Clerk: Blake Janesky

Assistant, Mailroom & Office Services: George Barajas

Food Services Operations

Director of Food Services Hugh Gallagher

Ticket Operations

Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Premium Sales & Services: Antonio Morici

Vice President, Ticket Operations: Seth Bluman

Manager, Ticket Operations: Dan Gilmore

Manager, Ticket Operations: Steven Zymkowitz

Box Office Manager: John Mullen

Box Office Staff: Sylvia Astorga

Box Office Staff: Robin Waldron

Supervisor, Ticket Operations: Justin Fallon

Coordinator, Ticket Operations: Jennifer Romero

Ticket Operations Representative: Camille Bufano

Ticket Operations Representative: Lauren Williams

MLB Advanced Media

Site Reporter: Ken Gurnick

Marketing Producer: Kirk Dominic

Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation

Chief Executive Officer: Nichol Whiteman

Chief Operating Officer: Chaitali Gala Mehta

Director, Development & Communications: Xochiltl Bravo

Director, Youth Programs: Tiffany Rubin

Manager, Operations and Marketing: Erin Edwards

Manager, Strategy and Impact: James Lopez

Manager, Youth Programs: Sean Mulligan

Manager, Development: Nikki Garcia

Coordinator, Youth Programs: John Muto

Coordinator, Grants: Alyssa Plourde