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Acid reflux keeps Markakis out of intrasquad games

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Noticeably absent from Wednesday's pair of intrasquad games was right fielder Nick Markakis, who had the same additional procedure performed that third baseman Manny Machado and pitcher Zach Braddock did earlier this week involving acid reflux.

"When they say that [they have acid reflux in their physical], they follow up on that and find out what they are testing for, if it's acid reflux or an ulcer," manager Buck Showalter explained. "This test tells you what it would be before you medicate it. ... They are trying to eliminate which one it is with all three of those guys. Instead of it being a problem in May or June, let's find out right now what we are dealing with."

Markakis will fly back to Baltimore later Wednesday to attend a funeral, and Showalter said Markakis is expected back on Friday. Both Machado and Braddock missed Tuesday's workout, but they were back with the team on Wednesday and allowed to participate.