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Alex Justice's Favorite Vines

While Watching a Baseball Game:

Every time I watch this Vine I am reminded of how lucky I am to be a Cave Dweller. I mean come on...the Afrojack concert, Opening Day baseball games, perfect vibes and great people all at one time?! I can't believe it's even real as I'm typing it. Definitely one of the top moments of euphoria I've had yet in the Fan Cave.

The First Indians Win:

Speaking of complete euphoria, I LOVE watching this Vine over and over again. It always feels amazing to be a Tribe fan, but I have to say that winning our Opening Day game with a beautiful performance by Justin Masterson and a home run by Asdrubal Cabrera just put it over the top. That day just set the tone for what is about to be a fantastic season for the Indians and for me.

The Home Run Slide Vine Series:

Every single one of the Cave Dwellers' first home run slides that I captured on Vine is so special to me. But, I'd have to say that the very first home run slide by Travis, on a GRAND SLAM by the Mets, may just be my favorite. It was a very memorable moment, to say the least.

The “Sweet Caroline” Tribute:

This Vine holds a very special place in my heart, as it proves that the tragedy at the Boston Marathon has brought our nation together once again. The support that has been constantly flowing in for Boston has been incredible, and this tribute by the Yankees is just one of the many moments that has truly touched each of us.

The Walk Off Victory:

I cannot even believe I Vined quick enough to catch this moment on video. This beautiful walk-off win by the Angels happened on what we referred to as “Walk Off Weekend," hence my quick intro at the beginning. Starting on Friday, my Indians and Nick's Red Sox both had walk-off wins so we were pretty ecstatic about the chance to add another Dweller to the “Walk Off Club” on Saturday. Plus, I just love the fact that the Dwellers all cheer for each others' teams now (aww, friends are great).