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An Analysis of The Sandlot



The first 10 minutes of this film are not online, so this is probably just going to seem like a series of rambling comments that pertain to nothing. On the other hand, you should know the film enough to follow along, or at least own it and watch it yourself.

- As an adult, I had always thought Paul Simon played the first man on screen. Every time I watch it, I'm reminded how much I'm an idiot.

- Did that Babe Ruth rumor of calling his shot ever really happen? Who cares? It sets up the idolatry of the man that establishes the motives of all the characters involved. The movie is not about a ball, or a dog, or friends (well, it kinda is); the film is about how something or someone can impact the lives of so many by doing something so great, it inspires life paths. (Jackie Robinson, The 2004 Red Sox, Babe Ruth)

- See my previous blog about "Little Big League" - I love watching the game of baseball during the opening credits of a baseball movie. It's not cliché - it's correct.

- U-Haul has been around for a while, huh?

- Seeing Dennis Leary in a role where he plays a die-hard Yankee fan is so strange to watch, with him being a real life die-hard Red Sox fan.

- Why is the Babe Ruth signed ball out in the open and not in a glass case?

- I hate when people play sports in jeans. Never approved of it. Never will.

- Before minute 7 of the movie, we're introduced to all characters in relation to the main character (or are aware of them by seeing them in action). Solid movie writing.

- These kids aren't bullies - they just saw something that was pretty hilarious on a fun summer day. It happens. Goofs are great. Besides, they all become friends later in the movie (life).

- Erector sets are for awesome people. Pretty girls love guys that play with erector sets. I'm jealous I never owned an erector set. Also, that erector set is foreshadowing events in the film. Erector set.

- I referenced the mother's pep talk of "get into trouble!" in reverse on my mom. I was a good kid who went out with friends and got in innocent trouble all the time. She got mad. I said, "The mom from The Sandlot let her kid get in trouble!" I think it worked.

That's it! More comments on the first 10 minutes of classic baseball films to follow!