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An interview with Team Cuba

An Interview With: TEAM CUBA

Q.  This is the first winning ballgame of the entire WBC tournament.

An Interview With: TEAM CUBA

Q.  This is the first winning ballgame of the entire WBC tournament.

VICTOR MESA:  Yes, it's a good point, it's very interesting.  Yes, the result has been interesting.  It was such a nice ball game.  Yes, we won, the first time ever, against Japan.  But this is the past.  Our mind is planning to have a ballgame against Netherlands.

Q.  The first round you went 3‑0, how do you feel about it?

VICTOR MESA:  Yes, we are very happy and tonight's win, it's a very big win.  Tonight's contest, we have a lot of confidence from that.

Q.  The first game you play against Netherlands, basically you didn't play very well against Netherlands; how do you feel about that?

VICTOR MESA:  Yes, everything is past.  Already it's a fact that we had a tough time playing against Netherlands, but we learned a lot from that, our mental goes to another place.  No matter what, we want to go to San Francisco, and in order to clinch the Tokyo round, all of the players worked hard and keep their condition up.

Q.  You've got a great home run and you also won the Most Valuable Player of the Fukuoka round.  How do you feel about that?

ALFREDO DESPAIGNE:  Yes, I am very satisfied with what I did and it's a wonderful experience.  And also, it's a big joy that we play against Team Japan.  Every effort makes that happen to me, how big it is to beat against Japan.

Yes, Team Japan is a very solid team, they are a very nice team and also they are the two‑time champion.  It's always tough to play against Team Japan.  In order to play against Japan, we have a good preparation.

Q.  A couple days ago at the press conference, you told us that your condition is good, but you need something, you are lacking something, but you couldn't find it.  By watching tonight's contest, the whole team playing very well, so what was the difference, something you're looking for at that time from a couple days ago?  And second question, you played very aggressive.

 VICTOR MESA:  Yeah, a couple days ago, we were lacking a victory, so in order to get to this, our goal is to become a champion of the world, so until we get to the champion, I still feel we need something, we are lacking of something.

ALFREDO DESPAIGNE:  In the hitter's box, I'm always trying to be as aggressive as I can be.  Especially for tonight, I've got a good result, I'm happy about that.

Q.  The last hitter of tonight's contest was Uchikawa, and that was the clean‑up spot, so it's supposed to be the order ‑‑ do you feel the last hitter, you got lucky, because you got Uchikawa instead of Abe?

VICTOR MESA:  No, I don't feel any differences.  It's all up to Team Japan's call, so you know, there's no choice from us.