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Angels Set Another Guinness World Record

Last night the Angels set a world record for most amount of people wearing a wig during their game with the Astros. This isn’t just any wig, by the way. These are rally wigs and sort of look like a red and white version of Don King’s hair.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the Angels have set a world record – last year they set a record for most people wearing cowboy hats (want one), 2011 was most people wearing a mask (it was a lucha libre mask and I want one), and 2010 was most people wearing a blanket (it was a snuggie and I have four).

Setting records while watching baseball games is a hilarious idea, though. I can’t wait to see what record they attempt to break next year. Most people wearing a shirt with my face on it? Probably too specific. Most people wearing those travel neck pillows? That could work and it would be useful. Killing two birds with one stone in the best way possible.