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Astros game broadcasts move up radio dial

HOUSTON -- The Astros and Clear Channel Media and Entertainment announced Tuesday a multi-year agreement to continue their partnership, moving game broadcasts up the dial to KBME (790 AM) in Houston, an all-sports station that will carry all Astros regular-season and Spring Training games.

The first game scheduled to air on KBME is the Astros' Feb. 23 Grapefruit League opener against the Phillies in Clearwater, Fla. Houston will make its American League debut on March 31 against the Rangers in the first regular-season game on KBME.

"We're very pleased to be in business with Clear Channel," Astros president and CEO George Postolos said. "They're a great promotional partner and we enjoy doing business with them. I think an all-sports format can be attractive because the sports fans are already there. We also look at the Rockets being there as a positive because we're going to have the same destination for television and radio, and we think there's some synergy there."

The one issue facing the Astros switching dials is KBME has a much weaker signal than the team's former home, KTRH (740 AM), especially in some outskirts of the city and at nighttime.

"We have a great radio network, and radio stations are happy, eager to pick up that signal," Postolos said. "We may have a little additional work to do north of Houston or west of Houston, but we already have a broad network and we think we'll be in good shape there."

Of course, the Astros have yet to announce their radio broadcast team for 2013, and Postolos said an announcement will come soon.