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Axford set to reveal annual Oscars picks

PHOENIX -- Brewers closer John Axford's Twitter feed will be busy Sunday evening when the film buff makes his annual Academy Awards predictions. He will look to build on his previous years' successes.

"I would have to go back and look, but the number 11 is stuck in my head -- I think I was 11-for-13 the first year and 11-for-15 last year, but that was because I added a couple of extra [obscure] categories," Axford said. "I probably shouldn't have taken on Foreign Film."

Axford has predicted Best Picture and Best Director winners each of the past two years. He said he's seen most of this year's Best Picture nominees and is rooting for a surprise winner: Quentin Tarrantino's Django Unchained, his favorite film of the year.

"That's who I'd like to win, but it isn't going to be my prediction," said Axford, who would only say this about his actual prediction: "It might have some Canadian ties."

Argo? That film chronicles the rescue of Americans holed up in the Canadian Embassy in Tehran during the Iranian hostage crisis.

Axford just smiled. He wasn't telling.

"I still can't believe [director Ben Affleck] wasn't nominated for Best Director," he said.