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Baseball Players Do Halloween

One beautiful thing about the Fan Cave is that players can showcase their personalities. I feel like that's how Halloween is too. Players wear the same uniform all day, everyday and now that season is over, they can let loose a little bit just like fans. Here's some of the best costumes.

Chris Johnson. Bro. Your eyeballs are freaking me out.

I know Didi Gregorius is dressed as Slender Man, but I like to think he's dressed as Brian Wilson at the ESPYs.

Cowbunga, indeed, Zobrist family.

"Todd! Are you not aware that I get farty and bloated with a foamy latte?" -Vinnie Pestano, last night, probably.

Winning the World Series then dressing up as Oscar the Grouch The Green Monstah for Halloween. Love it Middlebrooks.

I want to say that Brad Ziegler is dressed as the Cookie Monster, but that's only because he's throwing sidearm.

This is just all kinds of awesome.