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Bloomquist understands Father Time catching up

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Willie Bloomquist does not like giving in.

The D-backs shortstop is as hard-nosed a competitor as you'll ever find, but after battling some injury issues the last few years, he has made some concessions to Father Time.

In other words, the 35-year-old no longer avoids the trainer's room like the plague. While always a workout fiend, Bloomquist grew up in an era during which players went to the weight room, but not the trainer's room unless absolutely necessary.

"The harsh reality is I have to do a little bit more physically every day to be where I need to be," Bloomquist said. "It is what it is. Some people can get away with not doing a lot. I'm not one of those guys. I have to continue to stay on top of it, otherwise it's going to be a long year if I don't."

The D-backs have asked Bloomquist to throttle back a little bit on his all-out style of play to preserve his body for the long run.

"That's something I haven't always been able to do," Bloomquist said. "I've always thought more was better, but sometimes less is more. It's just part of getting older and understanding what your body can and cannot do."