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"Cardinal Kai (No Mercy)" Music Video

Everyone has seen the original Karate Kid movie, and everyone knows about the Cobra Kai. They had a “no mercy” attitude and mantra when they went into their competitions. I realize that they lost at the end of the movie, but I wanted to focus on their extreme intensity and how it pertains to Cardinal Nation.

I wrote this song and recorded it over an amazing beat provided by Dante Jones (producer for Kanye West, Pia Toscano, and others). As with most of the things I do for the MLB Fan Cave, I wanted to include fans in the project. I had Cardinals fans from all over the country, young and old, send me pictures of them in fierce fighting poses. In the video, you can even see St. Louis Cardinals’ 2011 1st round draft pick James Ramsey getting in on the action inside the Cave (0:58 in). This video is a compilation of all of those photos.

This project could not have been done without the tremendous support of Cardinal Nation and its’ fans. Thank you so much to those of you that sent in pictures!

The lyrics are below, and you can download the song HERE for FREE

Here we are again, and we’re trying to make you go,

Crazy for these birds, and even some Midwest flow.

Ask if we can do it again, and people just say no,

We just say, come to Busch, sit back, enjoy the show.

The Cards have shown up, and this place about to blow,

Come in with confidence, leave at an all time low.

Games have to be played, but I think I already know,

The fireworks from the Series is gonna make the night sky glow.

We made it through the “Dog Days,” sorry you’re on the other side,

You got to have some patience, no fast track, hyper glide.

Heard you say we’d have no shot, who you listenin’ to, someone lied,

I can’t even look at you, you trippin’ dude, shoes untied.

Yadi bring the fire, for the Cards he is the glue,

Holliday hits the ball so far, it’s frightening man, look BOO!

Craig is our clutch dude, but that’s something that you already knew,

Freese is the miracle man, Game 6 is stuck on you.

Motte’s got that cannon, don’t think, nothing you can do,

Jay needs some Gold Glove love, if not him, then who?

Beltran came back around, new perspective, different shoe,

Waino’s back with that hook, yeah, the batters just say EWWW!

But now it’s all different, I wish I could, but I cannot lie,

You’re not gonna know what hit you man, sneak attack, secret spy.

How you gonna make it through? You’re not, go ahead and sigh,

Our pity is lost on you, no more games, only way to fly.

The fierceness you’re about to see is enough to make the ocean dry,

Our fans stood up, stack the pictures, yeah, look, stupid high.

No matter what the verdict is, it’s Cardinal Nation til I die,

You’re about to see NO MERCY, man, I’m talkin’ bout Cardinal Kai!