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Carlos Beltran: The Derby Destroyer

Brute strength is something that is sometimes hard to quantify or believe. From Hercules to Mariusz Pudzianowski, mythical and actual feats of strength capture the imagination of humanity. Yet, this blog will focus on the Herculean strength of the St. Louis Cardinals’ stud Carlos Beltran.

His 6’1” and 215 pound frame is coupled with one of the sweetest and most effortless swings in all of baseball. He is hoping that makeup will help him when he competes for the crown of State Farm Home Run Derby Champion in Kansas City on July 9.

In the meantime, here are some #BeltranHRFacts for you to ponder!

-He already has 322 career HRs

-The longest HR of his career went a mammoth 466 feet

-The total distance of his 2012 HRs (1.5 mi) is enough to get you from Times Square to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC

-The total distance of his 2011 HRs (1.7 miles) is enough to get you from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to the biggest fountain in Kansas City (Crown Center Square Fountain)

-The total distance of his HRs from 2006-2012 (12.1 miles) is enough to get you from the MLB Fan Cave to Yankee Stadium

-The combined apex of his career HRs (13,782 ft.) is just over 5 times taller than the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa in Dubai)

-The total apex of his 2012 HRs alone (1,815 ft.) is taller than the Gateway Arch... almost 3 times taller

-He has 33 career HRs that have an apex that is HIGHER than the scoreboard in CF at Kauffman Stadium (104 ft)

-The average speed of HRs off of his bat for his career (103.9 MPH) is over 30 MPH faster than a cheetah has ever been clocked at while at full speed

Needless to say, anyone that is in the path of a Beltran HR in Kansas City needs to make sure they are wearing a glove... made of Kevlar!

Make sure to tweet your own Carlos Beltran HR info using the hash tag #BeltranHRFacts, tweet during the Derby on Monday, July 9th using the hash tag #HRDerby, and follow @MLBFanCave on twitter!