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Chambers working to hone bunting, baserunning

JUPITER, Fla. -- Aware that he is in the mix for an Opening Day bench spot, Adron Chambers is hopeful that two improving facets of his game make a particular impression this spring: bunting and baserunning.

Chambers' rationale certainly seems sound. He knows he can bring an element of speed to a club lacking much of it, but he also realizes that he has to reach base to make his speed an asset. As a result, Chambers intends to spend much of the spring forcing himself to get more comfortable with the bunt.

"I might bunt more than I hit," Chambers said. "I'm working on ways to get on base, so I'll have more chances to steal. That is my way. I'm not going to be a Matt Holliday hitting 30 home runs. I understand that. I'm just trying to put an emphasis on what I can improve in my game so I can bring more to the table."

Chambers said that in the past he'd often shy away from the bunt if he was unsuccessful after a few attempts. Before he gets a chance to showcase his extra work in the area during Grapefruit League games, Chambers hopes to turn heads in the Cardinals' upcoming position player bunting competition.

"I told myself," he said, "that I'm going to win it."

Refining his baserunning technique is something that Chambers has been working on for several years now. He was among those who gathered with guest instructor Willie McGee on Monday afternoon for a tutorial in stealing and the confidence needed to be successful in it.