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Derek Jeter High School Scouting Report

LOVE seeing stuff like this. I’m big into scouting reports and seeing how scouts evaluate players. When I was in college, guys like David Price, Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, Stephen Strasburg, etc, were just college prospects. Being a fellow athlete*, I loved reading about how hard guys threw, how fast they were, how many tools they have and how they project in the bigs. Seeing how Jeter was in high school and what scouts thought of him is awesome. “All-Star potential as SS at Major League level.” “This guy is special.” So incredible. He’s one of those guys where people knew he was going to be a star. People talked about Bryce Harper the same way when he was in high school and he is now proving himself at the highest level in the game.

Side note: You have to love that the scout that evaluated Jeter put his hitting ability as one of the worst aspects of his game. For those who do not know, scouts generally use a 20-80 scale to analyze a player. 20 is the low end of the scale and translates to “poor.” 50 is the major league average and 80 is outstanding. In terms of leadership and intangibles, I wonder where Jeter would rank on that scale? 150? 160? It’s got to be off the charts.

*Loosest definition of the word “athlete.”